Aquarius's horoscope for October 2023

Written by Daisy

The good news is embodied by the departure of Venus from Leo, on the 9th. But that's not all that will be easy. Your evolution is always thwarted by the dissonances of Jupiter and Uranus. Alas, they are reinforced by those that emanate from Scorpio. From the 13th, you will have to arrange with Mars who settles in this sign. At the end of the month, you will have to deal with the Sun and Mercury who will join it. Do not be do things all or nothing. This kind of position is successful for some people, but as far as you are concerned, it is against you. Instead, be inspired by Mercury in Libra who suggests that you remain diplomatic in all circumstances.

Aquarius: Love in General para October 2023

Aquarius: Your loves have been heckled by the dissonances of Venus. If you agree, you can work to repair the damage. It's time to reveal your feelings and your wish to live a serene relationship. If you come up against a refusal, do not take offense. Insist with elegance.

Aquarius: In a relationship para October 2023

Aquarius: It's Mercury in Libra that helps you restore peace in your relationship. So it's time to talk about love and your common future. Recognize that you could formalize your union, it will erase all grievances.

Single para October 2023

Aquarius: Your loves are recovering from the unpredictability provoked by the Venusian dissonances. This month, Mercury makes you meet people who have everything to please you. If things do not go further, wait instead of taking umbrage.

Aquarius: Career / Finance para October 2023

Aquarius: If you want October to be a great month, be pragmatic and get to the point. Try, if possible, to settle with these ideas that seem archaic to you instead of doing as you see fit. By doing so, you will meet all the challenges that will present themselves to you. On the best days, you will surpass yourself! Suddenly, you will score points, and you will get what you want when the time comes. On the financial side, it's not great form. Saturn places some severe restrictions on you, but that's so that you can come to terms with what is essential.

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope para October 2023

Aquarius: Create real bonds with others and do not move on to something else or to someone else, when a difficulty arises. In doing so, your most cherished wish will come true.

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