Virgo's horoscope for October 2022

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for October 2022

Appetites on the rise, ambitions on display, and the desire to devour life to overcome some previous limitations? You will not lack eloquence to defend your interests, even if it means going to the mat to assert your rights to live the life you want. There is no question of restricting yourself in October but instead expressing your needs loud and clear. Rely on your undeniable magnetism to entice rather than on an overly offensive tone to convince!

Virgo: Mood for October 2022

You will probably be in good company in October as you are determined to enjoy life's pleasures and spend your money to please yourself! In fact, to not exceed your budget and not worry those who finance you or depend on you, you will have to be careful not to sin by excess. Just to keep everyone smiling!

Virgo: Love for October 2022

Jupiter tends to exalt your magnetism until the 28th, while Venus makes you want everything! You will not be afraid to express your desires openly in the first half of the month, even if it means going a bit over the top (1st, 12th)? From the 23rd onwards, you can communicate in a fluid and creative way!

In a Relationship: try to channel your desires that could appear excessive in a partner's eyes. Suppose they can only succumb to your sex appeal. In that case, you will undoubtedly appreciate it, but don't abuse it for your own pleasure!

Single: you can count on your magnetic radiance to attract whoever you like into your nets (the 1st, the 12th)! However, be careful not to believe that you are irresistible if you want the other person to join you in the adventure!

Virgo: Money for October 2022

Until the 28th, Jupiter favors returns on investments, allocation of bonuses, annuities, and bonuses. However, it will stop influencing this sector and will only come back to boost your income from December 20 onwards!

Virgo: Work for October 2022

If your associations and collaborations have probably been fruitful since mid-May, don't abuse this current good fortune to ask for more. Your skills, potential, and talents are evident to everyone. In that case, your greed could lower your popularity rating in the eyes of those who (among others) hold power and money!

Virgo: Leisure for October 2022

Could you be prone to a shopping addiction in October? Be careful not to spend too much. In October, a little tendency to play the crazy Virgins rather than the wise Virgins?

Virgo: Key dates for October 2022

- The 1st you are greedy, eager for pleasures, and gratifications. Why deprive yourself if you don't go overboard?
- On the 12th, ambitious and determined to defend your interests, be careful not to sow doubt and trouble in the ranks of this pleasure where people could end up distrusting you!
- On the 14th, if your daily life seems a bit austere, count on the day's energies to soften it!
- On the 19th, are you considering the future from the best angle? OK, but before you go ahead, think about discussing it with those you love, who might appreciate it if you decide to go it alone!
- On the 27th, exchanges could worsen if you go it alone!

Virgo: Advice for October 2022

A month in which you may forget your sense of proportion and your analytical approach to life and let yourself go a bit? Why not, if it's not too much?

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