Aquarius's horoscope for October 2022

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for October 2022

Displayed ambitions, glibness, and a determination to draw attention to yourself? Why not if you play it straight, don't hide your real intentions, and act consciously, surfing on a maturity acquired over time! Don't let yourself be tempted by vague communication with double meanings and then likely to blur the tracks and attract troubles or even enmities!

Aquarius: Mood for October 2022

Not quite ready to put your mood on hold? Boosted by Jupiter until the 28th, you are pulled upwards by a cosmic state of affairs. It invites you to widen your horizons and get out of the shadows. You will hardly want to keep quiet or erase yourself! Just try to increase your power in October without going beyond the sound barrier!

Aquarius: Love for October 2022

Jupiter continues (until the 28th) to favor your exchanges. Take advantage of this to communicate in all directions. You will not lack charm or arguments to enchant anyone (1st, 12th)! However, be careful not to take off without a belt or to make promises to the other person that you cannot keep!

In a Relationship: are you determined to make your relationship evolve and become more exciting? Do you know how to convey your expectations to your partner? If they want to follow you, be careful not to drag them into adventures that are only pleasurable to you!

Single: you will have many assets in October to seduce whoever you please! However, if you are successful, consult with the other person before taking them into a world that may be attractive but may be your only criteria!

Aquarius: Money for October 2022

If you want to be rewarded for your talents, you will undoubtedly boast of your merits in October. However, you risk overestimating them a little and scaring off those willing to grant your wishes within reasonable limits!

Aquarius: Work for October 2022

Rely on your glibness and charisma to assert your ambitions. You should not fail to be listened to and followed in high places if you manage to channel your eloquence. It will be appreciated if you do not seek to draw the light only on yourself! So don't deprive yourself of the opportunity to shine while taking care not to blind anyone!

Aquarius: Leisure for October 2022

You will undoubtedly be surrounded by good people. This is an opportunity for you to engage in team activities. As long as they give you the thrill you feel, you surpass yourself!

Aquarius: Key dates for October 2022

-On the 1st, enthusiastic, charismatic, you deploy sufficiently convincing arguments to embark on whoever you want for Cytherea!
-On the 12th, be careful not to exceed your means, even to please those you love (or yourself)!
-On the 14th, your ambitions in love now consider your acquired maturity and your thirst for authenticity and depth!
-On the 19th, be careful not to send discordant subliminal messages to those who have authority over you!
-On the 27th, if you know how to put forward your potential and impress your audience, avoid, on the other hand, irritating some by communicating in a fuzzy way, even dissimulating!

Aquarius: Advice for October 2022

A month that is anything but lukewarm or bland, where the desire to surpass yourself, to push back certain previous limitations, will take precedence! Why not if you succeed in persuading those around you that you are not currently acting for your own benefit!

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