Aquarius's horoscope for October 2020

Written by Daisy

A month to approach without dominating anyone. In October, stay tuned to elevate the debates, gently convey your messages, and conclude them to your advantage rather than forcing anyone's hand. It's up to us to surf on the good vibes that encourage amicable exchanges and renounce any authoritarian approach that would only pollute the atmosphere and short-circuit the frequency.

Aquarius: Love horoscope for October 2020

Love: Change the Situation?

You aspire to broaden your horizons and push back the limits that prevent you from accessing a world that suits you. Count on Venus in October to strengthen your ability to make things happen. You will have no difficulty convincing those you love to follow you in your initiatives to transform your emotional life by taking a few risks, breaking alienating ties, or transforming your approach to love. You are trying something different, but always to fulfil yourself, Aquarius, and encourage others to do the same.

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): Convince Without Compelling!

You have sustained family discussions to ensure that your choices are accepted on all levels, expect discussions to drag on, but don't get discouraged. Defend your point of view without imposing your ideas. Count on the support of Venus to move the lines smoothly but effectively. Your power of seduction influences your entourage favourably, so they become convinced.

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): Optimize the Flows that Carry You. Don't Sabotage Them!

Venus reinforces your desire to experience strong emotions in love between the 11th and the 19th, do not take your desires for reality, do not cause too much turmoil in your entourage by being too directive or aggressive. Venus helps you reach your goals smoothly and prepare your future success. Therefore, rely on the magnetism that this delicious planet endows you with to influence situations. A beautiful sky facilitates your passage to the light.

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): A Lot of Work to Do!

An inner restlessness disturbs your bearings and forces you to question yourself. You try to counteract it by getting angry and attacking everyone. You trigger dark forces that play against you and reinforce the impression of being restrained by resistances that you find hard to understand. Between the 19th and 28th, Venus helps you make things happen through the power of love, compassion and listening that allows you to understand yourself better and identify what is holding you back in patterns that no longer suit you. Reverse the trend to unblock the issues.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Venus invites you to cultivate a love for yourself more than offering your service to others, once will not hurt you. As an Aquarius concerned about the welfare of humanity who willingly participates in defence of the common cause, first get rid of that which chains you down and prevents you from being yourself.

Aquarius: The thread of the month for October 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, the first Full Moon of the month, invites you to communicate with your loved ones to close ranks and smooth out the differences that pollute the October atmosphere. The 7th, you want to redefine your space and free yourself from specific dependencies that weigh on your social and professional life. These debates are likely to continue and will not be concluded until November. In the meantime, continue to exchange to redefine a new balance between your social and private life. The 9th, don't let yourself be overwhelmed by emotions that lead you to attack those around you. Ask yourself what is disturbing you and don't react in ways that some people may consider excessive. The 10th, to make constructive changes to the family structure, act flexibly and consider others' needs. A concern for your overall well-being will make a better case for yourself than any overly aggressive approach. The 11th, keep your ambitions secret and be prepared to come out of the shadows rather than throw down your cards, or you will be found presumptuous.

The Second Week,

The 12th, you have a sky that can help you get the support you need to make a project happen and start a new chapter. Seek out those who are willing to relay your thirst for change because the current is flowing well. Everything seems possible and easy. The 13th, your aspirations and ambitions are legitimate but don't promote them too loudly so as not to alert opponents and detractors who will resist. To avoid this, keep your voice down. The 14th, the discussions launched at the end of September about what you want to change in your life may drag on. Don't be discouraged and keep up the excellent work. The 15th, if you want to broaden your horizons and push back previous limits, don't formulate your expectations too firmly so that fears, anger, or resentment blur the frequency into unclear and misinterpreted messages. The 16th, the New Moon invites you to surpass yourself, but without overstepping the limits, at the risk of triggering reactions against your interests. The 18th, if a thirst for power dictates your ambitions and exaggerates, you will find yourself held back in your stride by ambushed opponents or events from the past that will remind you of your mistakes.

The Third Week

The 19th, avoid putting oil on the fire in the family. It is hard to bear your demonstrations of authority. Calm down rather than attacking head-on to make changes. Rely on your ability to transform gently rather than furiously. The 20th, you defend your case with stubbornness, and you use dialogue to convince those who fear that your desire for freedom and autonomy will harm them. The 21st, to overcome adversity, take a flexible approach to what you have a problem with or what escapes your conscious perception. The 24th, the best way to overcome resistance is your ability to evolve according to the situation, but gently.

The Fourth Week,

The 31st, the second Full Moon of the month, you are advised to pay attention to loved ones who do not clearly perceive your desire for change. Take the time to convince without coercing.

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