Pisces's horoscope for November 2023

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for November 2023

Your ambitions are on the rise and you want to expand your horizons, or even realize a dream. If some of you have to deal with obstacles that hinder your expansion, others will take advantage of a benevolent entourage to evolve and enjoy a radiance that allows them to score points. Your determination pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Pisces: Mood for November 2023

You want to free yourself from all authorization and your enthusiasm is not unanimous, especially if the others are ready to grant you their confidence. Rely on your seduction rather than your arrogance to push back the frontiers of possibility.

Pisces: Love for November 2023

If you can count on your popularity to relay your ambitions, do not give the impression that you can do without the approval of your loved ones. Rely on Venus to rekindle the flame, to bewitch whoever you please with your magnetism.

In couple: an irritating tendency to think that everything is possible and to exaggerate your importance. This impression will be quickly forgotten as your power of seduction is working.

Single: Don't overestimate your powers, at the risk of being found presumptuous. On the other hand, use your charm to seduce.

Pisces: Money for November 2023

To keep your contacts as supporters, respect the rules, otherwise you risk being dropped.

Pisces: Work for November 2023

If Jupiter guarantees that you will be listened to by an enthusiastic entourage, do not abuse its favors to serve your cause without regard or recognition to those who appreciate you and prove it to you. Rely on your active supporters to rise to power, not to step on everyone's toes.

Pisces: Leisure for November 2023

You yearn to break free from the bonds that keep you grounded. To compensate for some of the authorizations that are slow in coming, challenge yourself.

Pisces: Key dates for November 2023

-The 6th: a life project is unanimously agreed upon. Count on your partner to evolve.
-The 11th: do not disturb your exchanges by vehemently asserting your opinions. You may irritate some people who are attracted by your original ideas, but not so much by your methods.
-The 17th: ready to realize an ideal, you mobilize yourself to reach your goals and access another dimension of your life.
-The 22nd: intense exchanges on a project that gives a radically different turn to your life. You will not let go of anything to make your aspirations come true.
-The 25th: do not arouse the anger of those who hold the reins, lower your tone so as not to upset anyone, especially if it is your hierarchy.

Pisces: Advice for November 2023

The road is opening up and you're pushing yourself to the limit, but don't go too fast. To keep your support, start by listening and respecting their opinion.

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