Leo's horoscope for November 2022

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for November 2022

It is indeed in the family, in the private circle, that you will have to intervene, it seems, in priority this month! You will have to keep the dialogue open, not to break the banns, but to find a way to make the links evolve in the right direction. The one that will preserve or improve the agreement and lead to a positive transformation of exchanges! This month invites you to make efforts to communicate with those around you in a constructive way!

Leo: Mood for November 2022

Nothing seems to want to darken your horizons in November, where you will have a priori all the leisure to express yourself with ease and success, whether in love or in business. Jupiter has recently contributed to broadening your horizons and boosting your ambitions. In that case, you should continue this month on your excellent momentum and therefore keep smiling!

Leo: Love for November 2022

Venus boosts your magnetism and desire to love and be loved between the 16th and the 24th. The Sun ensures a flamboyant relay from the 22nd! You will undoubtedly shine and seduce in all directions! Take advantage of these positive flows, which do not seem clouded by the situation, to have a good time and attract attention!

In a Relationship: it is the moment to rekindle the flame, to do everything possible to embark with the other in your universe or even for the land of love! They won't resist the temptation to surrender to the vertigo of love in your company!

Single: take advantage of the fact that you are highlighting your assets (charm in particular) to attract the rare pearl in your nets. You should have no trouble hitting the bull's eye since Venus, and the Sun will be working together in November in this direction!

Leo: Money for November 2022

You are carried along by a cosmic state of affairs that supports your successes. If you are asking for money or need money, you can count on your current radiance for a positive answer to your requests!

Leo: Work for November 2022

Your attention seems to be focused on your quest for personal and sentimental fulfillment in November. In that case, you will also count on exalted creativity and the undeniable power of seduction to charm your interlocutors and transform them into fervent admirers! Take advantage of this to praise your merits and rally the votes around your proposals and initiatives!

Leo: Leisure for November 2022

Charismatic, it looks pretty likely that everyone will want to team up with you in November. Therefore, you should spend the month well surrounded and even in great demand!

Leo: Key dates for November 2022

- On the 7th, difficulty communicating with your loved ones where a recurring issue could fracture the clan!
- On the 10th, opt for a strategic and empathetic approach to what is in the family. Stay tuned if you don't want communication to reach a dead end!
- On the 15th, ongoing transformations lead to harmonizing exchanges at home!
- On the 19th, beware of overestimating your means, or if you try to get more than you are willing to give, you may miss your target!
- On the 28th, approach with restraint a dialogue that will only pay off if you try to maintain it!

Leo: Advice for November 2022

A relatively sunny autumn month in which nothing seems to get in the way of your happiness. Surf without reserve on these carrier flows to improve the ordinary, shine in society, and blossom in love!

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