Leo's horoscope for November 2021

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for November 2021

Your November sky is a bit of a mixed bag, with shifting and contradictory influences. Many tensions are likely to arise from the Sun until the 22nd, from Mercury between the 5th and the 24th, from Venus until the 5th, from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus throughout the month... The Sun generates personal dissatisfactions. Mercury disturbs communication, Venus tenses emotional exchanges, and Mars makes you more authoritarian and less tolerant. On the contrary, Jupiter encourages excesses, Saturn is rigid about your limits, and Uranus imposes sudden changes that you did not want. The keyword of the month is patience. You must be stoic and philosophical, taking advantage of the good times and knowing how to bend over backward when necessary.

Leo: Mood for November 2021

You are a bit on edge all month. You tend to impose your rules without enough diplomacy. You loudly demand more autonomy, take your place too brutally, or make yourself heard by all means. Your tone will be found rather offensive, even aggressive. You should temper your words and apply yourself to the management of daily affairs with the will to improve day-to-day life without behaving like an intractable tribal chief. Your popularity and the attachment of your loved ones depend on it.

Leo: Love for November 2021

The month of November is divided between outbursts of great feelings and sentimental conflicts or dissatisfactions. At times, you can warm up the atmosphere at home. At others, nervousness turns to aggression, and the tone rises between you and the other. It is vital to keep the dialogue open until the end of the month. Your charm will contribute to re-launching the debates and raising them. You may sometimes feel the urge to change your life and work altogether, which may frighten those close to you who may become tense or threaten to abandon you. Fortunately, your willingness to serve the collective interests will help you break down resistance.

Leo: Money for November 2021

Do not overestimate your means. With Jupiter pushing you to excess and Saturn putting strict limits on you, you may find yourself rushing around, much to the chagrin of your bank account. Don't make lavish gifts to make up for your foul language or behavior, but rather open a constructive dialogue, which will be more effective and, above all, less expensive. This is not an ideal month for investing, but you can make ends meet with your charm and goodwill...

Leo: Work for November 2021

You are full of goodwill, and you want to serve the common cause, but family conflicts could at times disturb your daily activity. From the 22nd, the Sun exalts your talents, and Venus endows you with an excellent popularity. You manage to persuade your collaborators that they can count on you and on your sense of organization. You find it difficult to explain to your family and friends that you are suffocating in your professional world and want to evolve better and faster. Do not impose your choices without regard for those around you. The climate does not prevent you from definitively coming out of the shadows by the end of December.

Leo: Leisure for November 2021

You have a lot of energy to channel and spend, so choose active, even strenuous leisure activities to ensure healthy fatigue and give you restful nights. Activities with friends are preferred, while family outings can be more problematic. Don't hesitate to join a sports club or a team, take some time for solitary walks to clear your head and think about your future, as you have a lot of work and worries to deal with this month.

Leo: Key dates for November 2021

- On the 2nd, avoid muddying the waters by sending hidden messages to those around you who may find it difficult to follow you.

- On the 6th, by showing your willingness to take care of your loved ones, you have the best chance of spending the day well surrounded and appreciated.

- On the 17th, there is a risk of clashes in the family, do not provoke everyone by doing only what you want, do not make your decisions alone.

- On the 19th, you will try to make others accept your positions that they find too personal. The Full Moon puts you in the spotlight but does not prevent you from paying attention to your own.

- On the 30th, you manage to convince your professional and private partners of your good dispositions.

Leo: Advice for November 2021

Do not assume that you have the right to decide everything for everyone. Consult those around you. You will avoid unnecessary, even annoying, turmoil. You want to fly on your own without having to answer to anyone. Try to convince rather than coerce. You have to decide what needs improvement in your family life, so wait until the 22nd to get back on track in style.

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