Leo's horoscope for November 2021

Written by Daisy

This month, you're one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac. From the first week you find your balance. New projects are gaining value, you are growing in strength, your past efforts are finally paying off! Little by little the snowball effect works pretty well, you take off, your determined character will make all the difference. Throughout the month the professional field is highlighted, proposals flow, contacts multiply, you lay your foundation. The stars draw attention to the fact that some of your commitments may have some consequences for your private life. However small victories give you motivation. On the third week you are completely devoted to your family (parents, children).

Leo: Love in General para November 2021

Leo:To avoid overflowing you know how to handle several situations at once. But if you want to get involved in the work too much, we could blame you for being less available in your private life. So, around the 23rd you decide to make concessions by devoting yourself more to your loved ones, in order to strengthen the bonds.

In a relationship para November 2021

Leo:If at the beginning of the month you hide your bad mood it is only to avoid arguments. It is true that because of your workload you are a bit on edge. Quickly you raise the bar, you offer your partner a little moment of intimacy, you know very well how to do it!

Leo: Single para November 2021

Leo:Around November 17th, Venus offers you the opportunity to make an exceptional meeting, as well as to tell you that you will shine with a thousand lights. At that moment your power of seduction is at its peak, you are bewitching. You experience very romantic moments.

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para November 2021

Leo:Knowing that you are indispensable flatters your ego, you sometimes become a little too demanding with your loved ones, show a little flexibility and everything will be better. Other than that, everything smiles at you this month.

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