Aries's horoscope for November 2021

Written by Daisy

Aries: Astral Climate for November 2021

The beginning of the month (until the 5th) and the end of the month (from the 22nd) are the most gratifying. Until the 5th, Venus is on your side and adorns you with an irresistible charm. Still, afterward, your appetites and demands could discourage the best of wills, so you will have to remain sober and control your desires. Until the 24th, Mercury induces a certain nervous tension that could provoke incidents or conflicts. After this date, things will settle down. In the background, Jupiter and Saturn continue to protect your assets and allow you to blossom. However, Pluto still thwarts the plans of some.

Aries: Mood for November 2021

You are a bit nervous until the 5th, but your natural charm compensates for this minor influence. You may feel unfulfilled from the 5th onwards without always realizing that your own greed fuels your frustrations. Especially in the sentimental and financial areas, these appetites may play tricks on you, making you intolerant or too demanding, at the risk of losing what you already have. Fortunately, Jupiter and Saturn protect you from the damage caused by your whims, but don't overdo it! Mars sometimes makes you more aggressive than combative.

Aries: Love for November 2021

Venus makes you very seductive until the 5th, but you will be darker and more authoritarian after that. Mercury helps you develop and present excellent arguments. Still, your way of showing them is not always very diplomatic, and your harshness may displease your partner. Wait until the 24th to express your aspirations with more tact and psychology. You will then be heard. You must also care to spare time and energy for your loved ones without letting your professional ambitions get the better of you. The month's challenge is to balance your social life with your private life without interfering with the other. Your common sense and determination will go a long way in helping you play your charm in both areas.

Aries: Money for November 2021

Your assets are protected by Jupiter and Saturn. However, on a day-to-day basis, you still need to discipline your impulses, which are more daring than sensible. If you have an essential purchase to make, take advice or give yourself a few days to think about it. Don't take too many risks with investments, either. This is a hazardous area, and unpleasant surprises could occur. The main enemy of your wallet in November is your bulimia of desires. You risk spending money unnecessarily on impulsive, superficial, even capricious purchases. Stop acting like a child and take responsibility. Leave your credit card at home...

Aries: Work for November 2021

You put a lot of effort into your activities because you want to evolve quickly and satisfactorily. Venus and Mercury help you considerably in your daily life by giving you charm, by making you sympathetic and eloquent. The climate is excellent, and your partners are willing to listen to you. You just have to be careful about the tone you use because you can be authoritarian. Even if your arguments are outstanding, your interlocutors might get stuck on the form. You will get everything you want if you ask for it graciously.

Aries: Leisure for November 2021

Whatever the weather, get out there! You have a lot of energy to expend and nervous tension to reduce. The worst would be to stay slumped in front of a screen. The key is sports clubs, jogging, biking, or team sports to get out and have fun. Also, plan activities with your friends: invitations, restaurants, exhibitions, everything is good to have a good time in good company. And don't neglect your family: a romantic walk or board games with the kids.

Aries: Key dates for November 2021

- On the 2nd, don't abuse your influence to avoid arousing suspicion.

- On the 12th, rely on your intuition rather than rebelling in a totally counterproductive way.

- On the 19th, put your charm to work for your business. The Full Moon invites you to develop your potential and get the proper reward.

- On the 21st, you will convince people of the legitimacy of your desires by arguing, not manipulating.

- On the 30th, your power of seduction is at work, and your horizons are opening up!

Aries: Advice for November 2021

You have sufficient means to overcome the obstacles that litter your path in November. Present things gently rather than forcefully to move forward without wasting your strength unnecessarily. Invest yourself, defend your interests but avoid putting too much pressure on others, at the risk of paying the price yourself. You are struggling to achieve your ambitions, let your determination be an asset rather than a weapon that could turn against you.

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