Aquarius's horoscope for November 2021

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for November 2021

The sky is a little upset in November. You are more concerned about your business or professional status to defend than about your love life or your personal fulfillment. You risk relegating it temporarily to second place. Suppose Jupiter and Saturn are supporting your projects. In that case, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars induce great tension in your activities, steps, and exchanges. The beginning of the month is very beneficial: you have a tremendous power of seduction and the means to express yourself clearly, but this does not last, and you will have to deal with a less attentive audience, a form and a morale a little at half-mast the rest of the month. Hold on to your ideals because, from the 22nd and 24th, you will find all your means to evolve favorably.

Aquarius: Mood for November 2021

Until the 5th, you are in great shape, and you take great pleasure in maintaining your emotional and social ties. But after the 5th, the situation will turn sour, and your mood will suffer. You may feel lonely or misunderstood, and your frustration leads to aggressive or defiant behavior that only compounds the problem. It is in your best interest to take a step back from your situation and put your very temporary worries into perspective to get through this delicate period. Mars in square slows you down or frustrates you in your activities. Still, it can also motivate you to fight against a competition rather than against an emotional partner.

Aquarius: Love for November 2021

Some projects are progressing positively, but the tensions you encounter at work disrupt the family atmosphere and darken daily life. At the end of the month, you will project yourself in the long term, giving you back the enthusiasm that you were lacking. In November, you will have to slalom between your public and private life, both of which will demand your full attention and play with your nerves. To manage stressful family life, take some distance from your emotions to prepare for opening a new cycle of expansion. Full-time work does not leave you much time for your love life...

Aquarius: Money for November 2021

Until the 5th, your material security is assured, and, overall, Jupiter and Saturn are watching over your interests. However, the nervous tension present this month could push you to some excesses detrimental to your finances. Don't compensate for your frustrations by spending recklessly, even under the pretext of improving your family's living conditions. In the medium term, difficulties will still prove you wrong. This is a time for saving rather than investing, so control your impulses and try to put some money aside, which will save you a lot of trouble later.

Aquarius: Work for November 2021

This month is tiring and energy-consuming at work. The current is not so good between you and your hierarchy. Take the time to adjust and discuss your projects. Arouse interest rather than the disapproval of those around you. Family worries are destabilizing you, and you are having trouble balancing your professional activity and your private life. You find it difficult to concentrate on your work because you have too many affairs to deal with within a family. You are trying to emancipate yourself. Do not show too much that you are on edge because openings are coming up, and you are discreetly supported by certain people who defend your interests.

Aquarius: Leisure for November 2021

Your energy is under pressure this month! Rather than explode with anger, unwind in a challenging activity or distract yourself in ways other than in front of a screen. You need to get out, move around, run, cycle, or walk. Also, remember to set aside special moments with your loved ones: try cooking or watching a good movie with your family. The quality of your leisure depends on the quality of your professional and private life.

Aquarius: Key dates for November 2021

- On the 1st, your horizons broaden, and you take a fulfilling step forward.

- On the 6th, rely on secret supporters to defend your interests and showcase your talents at work.

- On the 13th, you want to escape family constraints but don't use your work as an excuse.

- On the 20th, avoid saying too much. Remain modest.

- On the 30th, you find the correct arguments to launch constructive initiatives. Trust your intuition.

Aquarius: Advice for November 2021

If you do not make concessions in November, you will regret it. You need to let go until you are strong enough to blossom in full possession of your means. You need to keep your emotions in check professionally and calm things down with your family. You want to prove yourself, showcase your talents, and you're not really available for anything else.

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