Taurus's horoscope for November 2020

Written by Daisy

The month promises to be lively and offers some great opportunities for people to change their work or their lives and chart a new course elsewhere or otherwise. But don't ask for too much. The cosmic state of affairs offers everyone opportunities for expansion and the chance to set an ideal in motion, to pave the way for a more inspiring world view that pulls us upwards. A promise to be honoured by connecting us to our souls and our ability to prosper without plundering the resources of abled world that offers us one last chance to grow in maturity and openness of mind and heart. A gift from heaven and Earth to be received with gratitude.

Taurus: Love horoscope for November 2020

Love: Full of Goodwill!

The Sun invites you to step towards each other, and Venus invites you to double your attention with an entourage you care for. Community service can sometimes be a challenge, but you are constant. Enough, Taurus, to help you make your love evolve. From the 21st, Venus favours tender exchanges.

1st decan (April 21st - May 1st) Calm Down!

You aspire to free yourself from a functioning inherited from the past that locks you into habits that you find paralyzing and wish to relax. Avoid arguments, let the other person express themselves, and wait for Venus' intervention to facilitate exchanges, smooth things over, or find a consensus.

2nd decan (May 2nd - May 11th) The Future is in Your Line of Sight!

You need to counteract latent aggression that makes you push your loved ones around. Mars is playing with your nerves? Channel your aggressiveness so that it doesn't backfire on your interests and use dialogue to expose your projects to people who find it hard to resist your proposals to open up the future together.

3rd decan (May 12th - May 20th) Your Path is Wide Open!

Any stewardship issues standing in the way of your blossoming at the beginning of the month? Contain your irritation because a cosmic state of affairs supports your ambitions and broadens your horizons. You benefit from openings to blossom. Take a step towards the other to expose your projects and take them along in your adventures. No one will be begged but take into account the interests of all. At the end of the month, you will be so convincing that nothing prevents you from getting your partner on board.

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Dialogue is the key to the happiness you are approaching. Don't go it alone, convince your partner to follow you without forcing them. You lack neither arguments nor projects, and even less so, a charm to make it happen.

Taurus: The thread of the month for November 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, avoid alienating yourself or others while being stubborn about your positions. It is by acting flexibly that you will avoid confrontations. The 3rd, any negotiations that were dragging on should finally start again. It's about time. The 6th, make concessions and reconcile your interest with the common cause to break down the obstacles.

The Second Week,

The 9th, rely on the willingness to let go rather than attacking by being mean to everyone. The 10th, share your future prospects through dialogue. The 12th, open your ears and your heart to broaden your horizons. The 14th, express what is upsetting you to free yourself from latent aggression. Use the exchanges to build consensus around a personal ambition that convinces the community to support your ideas. The 15th, if you keep in mind that your bliss cannot interfere with that of others, you will achieve your goals. The New Moon recommends that you team up.

The Third Week,

The 16th, if it's a success, don't ask for too much. It's useless to ask too much because everything works for you. The 17th, it is by making concessions that you convince others to give you more leeway in your daily life. The 19th, to overcome any obstacles that may stand in your way, rely on advice and take into account what you are told.

The Fourth Week,

The 24th, the current is flowing. It is the ideal moment to make your partner aware of an ideal you wish to achieve and make them want to believe and follow you. The 27th, you put forward arguments that are impossible to counter, but if you feel resistance, be gentle and listen to the other person. The 29th, you present things in their best light and convince those around you to gain strength. The 30th, the Full Moon invites you to express your potential and strengthen your income, but don't be too greedy.

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