Scorpio's horoscope for November 2020

Written by Daisy

The month promises to be lively and offers some great opportunities for people to change their work or their lives and chart a new course elsewhere or otherwise. But don't ask for too much. The cosmic state of affairs offers everyone opportunities for expansion and the chance to set an ideal in motion, to pave the way for a more inspiring world view that pulls us upwards. A promise to be honoured by connecting us to our souls and our ability to prosper without plundering the resources of abled world that offers us one last chance to grow in maturity and openness of mind and heart. A gift from heaven and Earth to be received with gratitude.

Scorpio: Love horoscope for November 2020

Love: Take the Time to Reflect?

The Sun present in your sign (until the 21st) invites you to launch a new cycle of expansion. Venus recommends you be more reserved in love and look back on the past to analyze the experiences that have influenced your private life in 2020. A useful examination that does not prevent you from taking action. Starting on the 21st, Venus, in turn, invests in your sign, exalting your power of seduction and your desire to love.

1st decan (October 24th - November 3rd) Break the Habit!

Venus, in the shadow of your sign until the 5th, invites you to give priority to reflection. Ask yourself what you wish to live in love from now on. For a long time now, Uranus has been shaking up the relationship plan; you aspire to a more stimulating, freer union, freed from rules that stifle your couple or condemn an idyll to failure if you do not renew your approach to bonding and commitment. Use dialogue to revive debate and avoid conflict. Starting on the 21st, Venus will take over your decan, smooth things, and get your messages across smoothly.

2nd decan (November 4th - November 13th) Don't Doubt!

Until the 13th, you struggle to balance your desire to make a difference in your daily life with the need to deal with emotions that interfere with your need to get involved. Connect to your intuition for a quest for that special someone or an ideal relationship. Rely on your desire to launch a new cycle of expansion to rekindle the flame, connect with your partner or crush, and take advantage of your charm to live tender moments in love.

3rd decan (November 14th - November 22nd) Raise the Debate!

It is not by sending insidious messages that you will remove the blockages that hinder your communication. Rely on a powerful state of affairs to revive the debate in a more constructive way. An idea helps you transform the relationships you have with others. Benevolence finally pays off, or an attitude creates a more creative and efficient way of working. The current is flowing, and you are warming up an atmosphere that has been burdensome for a long time. Don't let old resentments cloud such a joyful frequency.

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Between reflection and determination to make things change, take the past into account to not reproduce toxic patterns and inaugurate another way of living your relationship.

Scorpio: The thread of the month for November 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, you communicate against common sense, which blocks the exchanges. You'd rather be silent than face misunderstanding. The 3rd, open discussions have been dragging on since September, they are resuming more freely. The 6th, you reach an impasse if you stick to your positions dictated by latent resentments.

The Second Week,

The 9th, you want to serve the common cause. Don't let your negative emotions interfere with your desire to move forward. The 10th, beautiful inspiration and bewitching charm, exploit your resources to score points and mark minds and hearts. The 12th, you can distinguish yourself through a great idea or a unifying enthusiasm; you make people want to believe and follow you. The 14th, if your activity has been slowing down since September, you can review and adjust your aim. Now you can go for it without doubting the relevance of your choices. The 15th, you are communicating with ease, and you're rallying support for a project that is generating enthusiasm and support from influential people who want to support you. Don't let emotions from the past sabotage your immense chances of making a difference. The New Moon invites you to launch a new cycle of expansion without turning around.

The Third Week,

The 16th, certain emotions push you to go beyond the frame, at the risk of sowing confusion. Channel the disruptive flows and stay focused, constructive, and positive. The 17th, to conclude discussions that drag on, rely on dialogue and find an agreement. The 19th, you remove the obstacles that were weighing on your morale. Don't let your emotions and past histories interfere with your definite progress.

The Fourth Week,

The 24th, an exceptional eloquence serves your creativity enough to make everyone want to follow your lead. The 27th, your strength of conviction allows you to transform the way you communicate and position yourself in relation to your surroundings, which adapt to change. As far as you are concerned, this metamorphosis is coming out of slow inner maturation. Rely on the soft method to keep the debates open and close them amicably. The 29th, your arguments, enthusiasm, charisma, and excellent communicative humour will enable you to win the votes. The 30th, the Full Moon favours the evolution of your exchanges and your relationships with the world. This is an opportunity for you to change things.

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