Cancer's horoscope for May 2023

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for May 2023

Jupiter has allowed you to express your potential more fully and to obtain the recognition you covet. From now on, your success is part of a more collective perspective. Count on your charm and authority to attract attention. But avoid certain excesses of zeal or confidence that could get you into trouble.

Cancer: Mood for May 2023

Count on Venus to extend your influence and make your mark. If delays in your projects irritate you, your successes in friendships and relationships will help you bide your time.

Cancer: Love for May 2023

Discussions about projects that could change your life drag on. Wait until the 25th, when discussions will resume. In the meantime, rely on your undeniable radiance to outshine, seduce and make those you love or like want to follow you.

In a Relationship: Do you have the impression that your aspirations have yet to be heard? Count on your charm to unite around an exciting project.

Single: you can use your power of attraction to make people want to support certain projects that will radically change the course of your life. This is an opportunity to attract someone you like into your net.

Cancer: Money for May 2023

If your projects require a contribution of funds, use your influence to seduce those you need and who do not resist your charm.

Cancer: Work for May 2023

There is no question of following a pre-determined path. You have the audacity and charm to convince your collaborators to adhere to your plans. If the negotiations are slowing down, wait until the 25th to get back on track in a productive way.

Cancer: Leisure for May 2023

You're hungry for adventure. Whether it's swimming across the English Channel or simply pushing your limits, your desires are contagious and encourage others to team up with you.

Cancer: Key dates for May 2023

-The 5th: You play your charm to score points but remain realistic.

-The 13th: rely on your radiance to assert your ambitions without imposing them. This method rallies people around your projects.

-The 15th: projects are picking up speed. You are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and embodying an ideal.

-The 18th: Stay alert to forces that thwart your plans if you are waiting for funding to make your plans a reality.

-The 23rd: don't be too greedy! Channel your appetites rather than anger those ready to give you their support, but not at any price.

Cancer: Advice for May 2023

May invites you to push yourself. Even if certain events block you temporarily, nothing prevents you from taking on new challenges and meeting them.

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