Taurus's horoscope for May 2022

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for May 2022

If you have recently launched a project that promises to direct your destiny in a different direction or put it on the right track, you are enduring a delay. However, this is the opportunity to mature your plans. From the 2nd, Venus invites you to take a step back in love, time to learn from past experiences to launch a new cycle in your emotional life on the 28th.

Taurus: Mood for May 2022

You are more inclined to think than to act. At least that's what the sky is telling you to do to steer your future in the right direction. You'd rather take it easy without feeling guilty. Not too inclined to make concessions, but determined to impose your new codes and not let anyone speak for you, rely on almost warlike energy to make yourself heard and respected. You'll leave your comfort zone to realize a private or professional project or both. It is a quest for something else, for elevation, for surpassing yourself that drives you.

Taurus: Love for May 2022

Venus urges you to carefully examine your behavior on the sentimental level and your way of apprehending or living the relationship to prepare yourself for a new cycle of expansion on the 28th, with full knowledge of the facts. You aspire to impose your new way of being. You communicate with determination on a project that would allow you to recover more autonomy emotionally or professionally. Do not hesitate to scrutinize your love affairs to better identify what needs to be corrected and improved. You will benefit from an ideal climate to concretize an inspiring project, but make sure that your dreams are shared, consult the other person on the substance of the matter.

Taurus: Money for May 2022

If you are advised to move forward with your foot on the brake, for the time being, you will nonetheless defend your interests. Do not hesitate to explore your potential, which will allow you later to develop your projects fully. If you have just started a project and need money, rely more on your own dividends than possible external financing. Freedom seems to come at this price. Whether or not your current projects require funds to be brought to fruition quickly, you have no shortage of arguments, charisma, and audacity to rally support for your plans. Why not ask those who seem willing to follow you if you need money.

Taurus: Work for May 2022

Jupiter and Mars tell you that it is time to think about the actions you want to take later to relaunch or realize a project you have been thinking about. At least until the 11th, you will not let up on the pressure. With your unfailing determination, you dare to get rid of everything that could previously have held you back from your impetus, your race forward, and your thirst for freedom and independence. You are particularly active and eager to strike hard to realize a project that will change the course of things and of your destiny. You do not spare your efforts and show a relentless determination when it comes to embodying your ideal. Count on your energy and enthusiasm to serve your cause.

Taurus: Leisure for May 2022

Jupiter favors initiatives aimed at preparing the future. Nothing prevents you from using your resources and life force for recreational or therapeutic purposes. You spend so much energy defending your case, carrying an important project, and claiming more autonomy that you don't have much left to lift weights or do embroidery. Dynamic and pumped up by an economic climate that boosts your adventurous side, you want to make a major project a reality. Why not invest yourself in a practice that will allow you to push your limits even further.

Taurus: Key dates for May 2022

-On the 3rd, an ideal is about to be realized. Put all the chances on your side by communicating widely on the subject.
-On the 4th, you are determined to free yourself from a possible passivity that compelled you to follow.
-On the 18th, carried along by an ideal that lifts you off the ground, you soar with chances to reach what you covet.
-On the 22nd, driven by an unyielding desire to push back the boundaries of what's possible and your own limits, this is the time to do it.
-On the 29th, nothing can stop you. The future is opening up wide.

Taurus: Advice for May 2022

May is a month of slow movement. It's as if your energies should be used to prepare for what comes next. Play the game because it could be a winner in 2023. You assert your priorities and invest in initiatives likely to serve your quest. May allows you to be daring and favors your projects and flights of fancy. These buoyant flows will enable you to do what you like.

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