Pisces's horoscope for May 2022

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for May 2022

Venus increases your appetite and exalts your sensuality. You communicate on the subject with an attentive entourage. Count on your determination to impose your vision of things on others and an itinerary from which you do not intend to deviate.

Pisces: Mood for May 2022

You are evolving in an atmosphere conducive to your enrichment. Appreciated by your loved ones, you discuss the best way to make everyone happy. You mobilize your strengths to make yourself heard. You count on Venus to warm up the atmosphere and reconnect you with more sensual aspirations. You hold many assets likely to help you. Your inner voice assures you that you are on the right track.

Pisces: Love for May 2022

You are developing your potential, increasing your income, and showing a particular appetite for goods and advantages of all kinds. This greediness extends to your emotional and sensual aspirations. You turn to your loved ones with the desire to look after their well-being. Still, you also seek to assert your independence and impose your methods. Jupiter puts you in touch with the idea that you can achieve. An essential (even life) project takes shape and contributes to your fulfillment.

Pisces: Money for May 2022

The economic situation offers you many opportunities to enrich yourself. You are rewarded for your work, your commitment, and you do not hesitate to ask for more. Channel your enormous appetites, for it is first of all your right to be yourself that you claim. Next month, you will return to more material priorities, even if Venus sharpens your appetites. You do not necessarily pay attention to your bank account, but be careful not to overspend your budget.

Pisces: Work for May 2022

Jupiter invites you to mobilize to develop your skills, earn more, express new potentials, and get the reward of your efforts. Nothing and no one holds you back. You want to mark your territory and show who you are. This is the time to break with habits that have had their day. Focus on the first half of the year to get your message across. You have much to rejoice about: love, a new job, or a new life. You are bursting with zeal to achieve your goals. Spring is favorable to your fulfillment.

Pisces: Leisure for May 2022

You spend a lot to please your family. Whether it's shopping or a getaway, you share your free time with those you love. Mars endows you with energy that you channel to express it without going overboard. Focus on sports activities that allow you to burn calories and control your stress. You are too absorbed by a project to escape and filled with your exciting prospects. You have no other desire than to rush into it.

Pisces: Key dates for May 2022

-On the 3rd, a significant project takes shape and opens up happy prospects for you. A new milestone is to be reached.
-On the 4th, you don't hesitate to impose an original tone that will make an impression.
-On the 18th, you will fight for an ideal that will become a reality.
-On the 22nd, you do not give up on going through an evolution, even a metamorphosis.
-On the 29th, offensive, determined and charismatic, you convince others and make them want to follow you.

Pisces: Advice for May 2022

May favors your expansion and invites you to strengthen your income and express your talents. This is the time to invest yourself in a project that corresponds to an ideal you have been pursuing for a long time. Don't miss any opportunity to act, but don't exaggerate your financial possibilities.

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