Aquarius's horoscope for May 2022

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for May 2022

Mobilized by your family affairs, by the stewardship to be managed at home, count on Venus to get your messages across gently. You will seduce those around you by not imposing anything on them but opening a creative and constructive dialogue. But you can raise your voice to defend your values and interests.

Aquarius: Mood for May 2022

Count on Jupiter to boost your confidence in your ability to influence whoever you want and to add to your address book. Your charisma and contagious good humor make you smile and exalt your thirst to learn, share, and transmit. You are fighting to establish living conditions that you like. Still, you abandon your offensive side when Venus takes over: you relax, you get back to warm communication and human contacts. Focused on your priority objectives, you fight with panache to do what you like. Count on Venus to lighten the mood and approach the world more lightly.

Aquarius: Love for May 2022

Venus favors warm exchanges with those close to you, with your partner, or with your children. The current passes without any problems. If you search for a soul mate, you are irresistible, and nothing can resist you. You spend a lot of energy to change things in your family and get the means to do so. You aspire to free yourself from certain limits and constraints that weigh you down, and Venus endows you with a sense of communication that helps you in this sense. You take advantage of a favorable material situation to get out of an impasse that kept you in a state of helplessness. You draw a line under the past to bounce back in the best possible conditions.

Aquarius: Money for May 2022

You've been fighting for what you've been asking for. You're taking advantage of what you've gained to play the field of ideas and communication. This is where you redouble your zeal to get the funds you need to set yourself up as you see fit. Unless you need the money to start your own business. You'll be more zealous and authoritative than ever to get the reward for your efforts to grow.

Aquarius: Work for May 2022

Ideas flow, you express your potentials, and you find the words to make the unanimity. Mars endows you with energy and strength, and you struggle to obtain the means you need to realize a personal project. If you've made investments, you're doing everything you can to make sure that these investments keep their promise. Jupiter invites you to express your talents openly and demands their just reward. You make your case based on lessons learned in the past, and Mars invites you to continue your quest.

Aquarius: Leisure for May 2022

Curious about everything, you turn into a bookworm or spend your time carrying great ideas and making grand speeches. You yearn to be with a close circle of people with whom you communicate joyfully, you share your life gently, but you have little time for distraction. Consider taking some time out (walks, outings) with your family to save your life.

Aquarius: Key dates for May 2022

-On the 3rd, you learn from the past to develop your talents and reap the juicy rewards.
-On the 4th, you spend a lot of energy changing things in your family and free yourself from guardianships that become too heavy for your taste.
-On the 18th, do not be afraid to defend your interests and values.
-On the 22nd, you will use your talents by drawing on your previous experiences.
-On the 29th, you will express your ideas and rally the votes thanks to your irresistible power of conviction.

Aquarius: Advice for May 2022

To optimize the dynamic flows that exalt your appetite for knowledge, get out of your bubble and launch a project! Develop an idea that opens up new perspectives for you. Don't hesitate to hit hard and lower your voice because gentle communication will reliably relay your cause. May demands a lot from you to take a step towards the development of your abilities and your finances, think of defending your values. The rest will come, by the way.

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