Gemini's horoscope for May 2020

Written by Daisy

In May, you can't do what you want. You have to think about the depth of your attachments and commitments, whether professional or private. Especially from the 13th: some backtracking is necessary to get a clear idea of what you want and what you can do. A proper evaluation will help you make important decisions with confidence. In short, the month of May is not as light as we would like, but it's conducive to your development if you agree to play the game. Think about it.

Gemini: Love horoscope for May 2020

Love: How and Why!

Since the beginning of March, Venus has been boosting your power of seduction. This month, you are invited to ask yourself about the use you make of it. Do not abuse your charm, at the risk of blurring the emotional and social landscape. From the 13th, Venus in retrograde favors interrogations, Gemini.

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st): Important Issues!

Saturn invites you to take your time to lay the groundwork for an evolution that expands your horizons, and that meets a need for elevation. Certain realizations call you into question. You review your methods of operating in love to build on solid ground. At the end of the month, you redouble your energy so that your awareness will serve your quest for meaning in your existence.

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th): Know Where You Are!

Venus lights up your decan until the 4th. She will retrace her steps from the 22nd. Find what motivates your choices in love. Your power of seduction allows you to hit the bull's eye, but ask yourself what matters between the fascination you exert and the love you hope for.

3rd decan (June 11th - June 20th): Take a Step Back!

Count on Venus to give yourself an irresistible charm in May. But do not abuse your attractions to delude yourself into fantasized relationships that are hollow, so that your romances do not lead to lost illusions. From the 13th, Venus invites you to reflect on the direction to take on this front. Preferably the commitments that will accompany your current metamorphosis. To avoid? Adventures that don't last.

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Until August, Venus assures you of an exceptional radiance. But she does not allow you every fantasy. You are going through a period of questioning your desires and priorities in love. Dig into this from the 13th so you can complete it by August 7th.

Gemini: The thread of the month for May 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, awareness calls on you to act more lucidly and understand what must be tried and avoided to progress. The 4th, do not abuse your charm to influence those around you to your advantage. You risk discrediting yourself, or even disappointing. Think before you act or start the debate. The 7th, inspired, you mark minds. The Full Moon recommends that you roll up your sleeves in silence. The 9th, in the shadows, you adjust your interventions to accelerate the pace of a metamorphosis in progress. The 10th, the situation serves your interests and contributes to your transformation. You could achieve excellent success in the professional or financial field.

The Second Week,

The 11th, avoid any controversy at work, your hierarchy does not appreciate that you give lessons or orders. The 12th, it is by obeying that you serve your interests in the long-term. Caution and wisdom are strongly advised. The 15th, in the process of moulting, you draw on your internal resources to rise from the ashes. The 17th, count on the sky to provide you with the opportunity to reverse the trend to your advantage. Any cash inflows will help you go up the hill.

The Third Week,

The 20th, give up playing your charm to influence the course of things: some people find this method questionable. The 22nd, you wonder about your emotional life. These reflections are useful in determining what matters to you. Opt for patient observation of events and people before taking action. The new Moon puts you in the spotlight? It's up to you to shine.

The Fourth Week,

The 25th, daring and the desire to impose your ideas. Your projects and methods are based on careful reflection. But it will take time and persistence to broaden your horizons and realize your ambitions.

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