Aquarius's horoscope for May 2020

Written by Daisy

In May, you can't do what you want. You have to think about the depth of your attachments and commitments, whether professional or private. Especially from the 13th: some backtracking is necessary to get a clear idea of what you want and what you can do. A proper evaluation will help you make important decisions with confidence. In short, the month of May is not as light as we would like, but it's conducive to your development if you agree to play the game. Think about it.

Aquarius: Love horoscope for May 2020

Love: Your Priority!

You pay attention to your family and take care of their well-being. Venus strengthens your emotional life and gives you a good power of seduction. However, Aquarius, from the 13th, there is no longer any question of embarking on the adventure without thinking. Instead, Venus invites you to mature your projects before taking the plunge by the beginning of August.

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): Take Nothing Lightly!

Saturn requires you to be more mature. Take the time, in May, to think about the consequences of your actions so that your future rests on solid ground and authentic feelings, or an assumed freedom. At the end of the month, a financial decision will allow you to accelerate the change.

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): Substantive Questions!

The discussions are going well with your family (moving, investment). You benefit from the support of Venus, which magnifies your loves, promotes meetings, and endows you with a charm to die for. From the 13th, think about the nature of your commitments or the need to breathe new life into your union by tackling certain subjects which will find their conclusion by next July.

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): Resist Any Form of Excess!

Venus strengthens your power of seduction but do not abuse it. Do not squander your money to please or seduce. Keep a sense of measure because you benefit, on the family level, from protections that help you concretize a project that responds to your desire to develop your relationships in the direction of fulfillment.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Certain opportunities to flourish, in May. But do not dodge the need to commit to something substantial. Ask yourself the right questions about your emotional future.

Aquarius: The thread of the month for May 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, things move as a family. Your ideas shake everyone up. Know that not everyone is like you, Aquarius, fundamentally freedom-loving. The 4th, charm to spare, but you also risk doing too much to satisfy your desires. Take advantage of a sharp edge to lead productive debates with the family. The 7th, you use your potential to meet the expectations of your loved ones and improve your living conditions. The Full Moon highlights you, even if you pay more attention to your private life than your public life. The 9th, thanks to creative exchanges, you transform what should be within the family. Even if it raises sensitive debates, you will carry them out. The 10th, bet on sizable support that's discreet but effective to thrive as a family and contribute to the happiness of those around you.

The Second Week,

The 11th, avoid playing the boss. Your loved ones do not like your attitude, which they find authoritarian. The 12th, face the future and prepare for it seriously. What you do now will have long-term repercussions. The 15th, things move within the family. Misunderstandings shed light on current issues that undermine your exchanges with those around you. The 17th, you benefit from discreet but effective cosmic support to improve the atmosphere at home. Now is the right time to move in or start a home-related project.

The Third Week,

The 20th, you tend to see everything in pink, at the risk of going over your budget or making promises that you will find hard to keep. The 22nd, carefully assess what you are asking to avoid unpleasant surprises later. The new Moon invites you to love, express your feelings, and your creativity. A passport for happiness to be used wisely to avoid incidents along the way.

The Fourth Week,

The 25th, you courageously fight to assert your rights as a family, but lower your tone to get what you want.

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