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Sunday, August the 9th
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Cancer's horoscope for May 2019

  Written by Daisy

Love: Take Care of Others (and Especially Your Own)!
Friend Cancer, you are more inclined to seduce at work than at home. Until the 15th, Venus gives you an undeniable charm but you spend more time charming your professional partners than looking for a soulmate. From the 15th, you are more concerned with your loves and with tender projects that could absorb your mind and your heart. But you will probably have to wait until your next birthday to succeed!

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): It Does Not Fit the Bill!
You are the only one who seems really concerned about your emotional life in May. You develop projects, sometimes out of nowhere! You will be surprised, or even jostled by events and people who push you to take actions that you would not have thought to take a minute before! These shake ups will steer your future in a surprising way, often unexpected but seductive, bringing life-giving changes. Starting on the 16th, Mars gives you energy and an unwavering determination to achieve what you want! He is a precious ally for exciting plans that could take off, although it will probably be necessary to wait for your birthday for them to take shape definitively!

In a Relationship, Since the beginning of March, Uranus has been boosting your projects. Some perspectives may emerge without you looking for it. Do not stop, rather let yourself embark on this energy that will help renew your horizons and your existence. Your partner will be surprised too, unless it is they who are causing these unexpected changes.

Single, Whether or not you have someone in sight, count on this nice month of May to get out of your comfort zone! It's time to look outside and you'll be urged by Uranus to change your life completely! Events will amaze you or people will propose new plans. You will not hesitate to go for it and embark on the adventure, whether in love or not. On the 22nd, your energy will be mobilized in order to accelerate the movement!

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): You Hover in the High Spheres!
You aspire to reach an ideal and aim high. You do not lack imagination or enthusiasm to carry out your hopes and you know how to mobilize your relatives, friends, and partners to guide the future in a direction that meets the wishes of your loved ones. However, be sure to consult your partner about their preferences and reluctances if you do not want to create trouble or generate miscommunication that would turn into misunderstandings! Fortunately, with the experience of Saturn on your relationship, you should redouble your listening, kindness, and zeal to get your messages across smoothly!

In a Relationship, in May, you will convince your partner that your vision of the future is the right one and that you take into account the tastes and aspirations of everyone. In a rather romantic mood, your projects will seduce if you take care to inform whoever you like of all the details so as not to stumble on a detail that was deliberately left in the shadows. Starting on the 31st, you'll get back on track and end the month in an excellent way to make your dreams come true!

Single, you do not lack any ideas or desires to live in harmony with the world and you do not fear raising the level of your aspirations! You have many assets to achieve your goals and projects. Give up, however, on fuzzy plans and make sure that you will be followed without hesitation. This will be the case if you leave nothing in the shadows and play fair with everyone!

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): We Expect A Lot From You and Especially Seriousness!
Until the 15th, you seek to shine in society and you do not feel very concerned about your loves. You seek to rally the votes around your plans at work, you use your charm to make yourself understood but you are not immune to frustrations around the 7th. Act with tact and skill if you do not want to feel rejected or misunderstood! Use reason and moderation in your exchanges, this is the only way to broaden your horizons and guide your future without triggering controversy. On the 18th, your ability to brag about your merits and ideas should work!

In a Relationship, under the cover of Saturn, which has darkened the relationship since early April, you can hardly hope to shine in love. On the other hand, if you take into account your partner's opinion in your plans and if you act with consideration, love, and respect, you could end up reaping the rewards until Saturn goes away on the 25th!

Single, in May it is not a question of doing what you like but rather to weave between restrictions and frustrations that hold back your impulses and projects! Do not try to force yourself, but try to be zealous in explaining what you want. The more you show seriousness and commitment, the more you will be trusted, whether in love or elsewhere!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A month of May to approach as serenely as possible to take advantage of a situation that could surprise, seduce, or frustrate others! The deal? Try to handle the events and the people that you will not necessarily be taken with! In short, a month that requires you to adapt, this is the only way to finish it smoothly and beautifully!

Over the month of for May 2019 for the star sign for Cancer:

The First Week,
The 1st, if you do not lack resources or support (in the shadows) to make your voice heard, not sure however that your proposals are unanimous 3rd decan. Your partners or associates may doubt you and could then, one way or another, ... have you hit a wall!
The 3rd, do not spare your strength to prove your good will to serve the common cause. This is the best way to reassure your interlocutors and collaborators and then win the game!
The 4th, the new moon invites you all to build castles in the sky and act without reserve (or almost) to open the future to your idea!
The 5th, if you try to manipulate your colleagues to get more than we seem willing to grant or to toot your own horn, you risk above all awakening an ambushed adversity that will not necessarily give you any gifts!
The 7th, disappointments and frustrations to be expected on the relationship front? And if instead of playing the fool you mobilize to reassure those around you?
The 8th, astonishing and unexpected events support a future that is emerging in a surprising way? Stay on the alert so you're ready to get on the bandwagon!
The 9th, your aspirations seem relayed by a cosmic support that is rather favorable to your projects and an accomplice of your impulses!
The 11th, it is well by acting gently and taking into account the feelings and opinions of the others that you will succeed in convincing everyone that they can trust you!

The Second Week
The 14th, your projects hit the mark with your demanding partners (social, private, or professional)? Your undeniable charm could also relay your initiatives and strategies today that for the moment you deploy in the shadows!
The 16th, your inspirational and inspiring words and proposals seduce (2nd decan) and could give your superiors the desire to believe you and support you!
The 18th, 1st decan, love at first sight or a tender project which arises without warning? You will need to seize the ball and try to adapt almost instantaneously today (and in May) to the opportunities for change that will inevitably flow throughout the month! 3rd decan, you argue your case with talent and manage to assert your merits and put forward your plans that could well make others want to follow the movement! The full moon boosts your creativity, your power of seduction, and your libido? Take advantage of this energy boost to have a good time and make sparks but not so much ... to play the fool!

The Third Week
The 21st, in the shadows, you take the time to think, to refine your plans and strategies. Enough so that they hold the road and actually serve your cause!
The 22nd, since the 16th, Mars has given you an indestructible striking force! Enough to increase your enthusiasm and your desire to take up all the challenges of life, to realize the projects that emerge and, for some, to push you to change jobs and sometimes even ... your life!

The Fourth Week
The 30th, 2nd decan, if you still have excellent astral conditions to reach your goals and to surpass yourself, try however not to skip some realities that could call upon your good memory and then underline some improvidence on your part!
The 31st, today you manage to master your subjects and convince your partners that they can count on you and the strength of your attractive projects! 3rd decan, try not to disturb the frequency too much and to interfere with your chances of shining by trying to pull the strings in the shadows. This would be the best (worst actually) way to sabotage yourself and ruin your chances (that are actually great) to mark minds and score points. A word to the wise...

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