Cancer's horoscope March for 2023

Daisy | 11/04/2012 - Last modified: 18/12/2020

The tensions that emanate from Aries and Capricorn subside. From the 8th, you should feel much better, thanks to the transit of Saturn in Pisces. These energies dispel doubts. They help you get away from the hazards that will make you lose your means. This month, you begin to evolve in a climate that is much more favorable to you. Fast planets that evolve in friendly signs create happy and constructive periods that make you forget the little worries. They encourage you to favor a hobby that soothes and regenerates you. On the 7th, the full moon gives you a great idea. On the other hand, stay zen around the 21st because the new moon in Aries creates dissensions.

Love in General:

From the 3rd, better things settle, but you must make concessions to preserve the peace. From the 21st, Venus reconnects you to people who have feelings for you. On the 26th, the arrival of Mars in your sign makes you start what had been compromised since the beginning of the year.

In a relationship:

As time goes by, things get better between you two. The exchanges are based on mutual understanding. Your relationship regains its bearings. You feel reassured. For this serenity to continue, don't focus on what annoys you.


In turn, the planets in friendly signs relaunch what was compromised. They allay your doubts about the sincerity of a romance or a person. At the end of the month, Mars encourages you to take a happy initiative.

Career / Finance:

The arrival of Saturn suits your business, because it mitigates the undesirable effects of Jupiter in Aries, which is agitated on this sector. Although something better is predicted, all tensions are not wiped away. You will, therefore, still have to arrange with a stressful boss or with customers in a hurry. To do this, do things at your own pace. Don't put yourself under pressure. By doing so, you will achieve your goals more quickly than you think. On the financial side, no problem is announced this month. Happiness never comes alone. If you need money to make a big purchase, you can get it.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

This month, you receive what you love most: love, kindness and esteem. Welcome all this with joy, and above all, enjoy it without moderation.


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