Cancer's horoscope for March 2023

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for March 2023

You aspire to lead the life you like, and you assert your ambitions. Whether professionally, socially or emotionally, you get the recognition you deserve. You seduce those you like and those you need to succeed. Identify the boundaries that you must not cross to avoid damaging your reputation.

Cancer: Mood for March 2023

You have no time to be bored. You leave no one indifferent. Jupiter pushes you to mix with the world, to connect with others, and to spread the good mood around you.

Cancer: Love for March 2023

Your social influence and charisma attract the eyes and multiply your chances of seducing. Your projects please those around you who enjoy your company. You surprise and make those you love want to follow you.

In a Relationship : if your projects have what to astonish, you involve the partner in the adventure, and they do not resist.

Single: :your intense magnetism cannot be resisted. You embark on the other in your projects which leave the ordinary.

Cancer: Money for March 2023

You have every chance of hitting the jackpot. Your popularity serves as your passport to bankers and financiers.

Cancer: Work for March 2023

Count on a climate that supports your plans and ambitions to broaden your horizons. You can launch projects that are out of the ordinary. Your radiance attracts the favour of those who support you.

Cancer: Leisure for March 2023

No question of exploring the distant world or cutting yourself off from the world. You're more tempted by parties where you get noticed.

Cancer: Key dates for March 2023

- The 2nd: You shine in society and your entourage. You are popular. You put your destiny on the right track.
- The 11th: Your conquering energy reinforces your popularity. Take advantage of it to extend your influence, to mark the spirits. You present a daring project that you want to realize.
- The 15th: repress a tendency to impose your rules on everyone. Your attitude is only sometimes accepted.
- The 19th: You know how to convince your partners of the legitimacy of your ambitions. Your arguments will carry the day and sweep away all resistance.
- The 30th: you invest yourself in defending your ambitions. You want to expand your horizons and push back your limits. Some of you will feel strong emotions following an event or surprising news.

Cancer: Advice for March 2023

Take advantage of the auspicious influences to accumulate success. Whether in society or in private, no one can resist your charms. This is the ideal time to strengthen your love affairs and business, seduce and shine.

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