Leo's horoscope for June 2023

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for June 2023

Charismatic as you like, you seduce whoever you please and bewitch whoever you like. Don't abuse your magnetism to reign supreme over everyone. Count on a return to a sense of limits not to be exceeded to balance things out and spend the month gently rather than in a state of ebullience.

Leo: Mood for June 2023

Charismatic, dynamic, and overflowing with ideas and projects, you are very pleasant to be around. Those around you are attentive and receptive to your proposals. Surf your major assets to prepare for the arrival of Jupiter, which keeps you in shape.

Leo: Love for June 2023

Joyful, radiant, projects full of head and heart? You discuss it with those you love and count on your amazing charm to unite around seductive perspectives. And if some still hesitate, you go on the offensive.

In a Relationship: you love to share your vision of the future with your loved ones whom you can easily convince to follow you in your projects. Count on your communicative energy to rally people to your cause.

Single: you use your irresistible charm to influence your friends, to persuade them that your projects are worth accepting. And if your charm is not enough, you raise your voice.

Leo: Money for June 2023

You get the support of those who observe you and are sensitive to your arguments. So, if you need to finance your projects, this is the time to express your needs openly.

Leo: Work for June 2023

Jupiter ratifies your current initiatives for you to open new perspectives. Count on your power of seduction and your undeniable eloquence to motivate your troops and draw them into the adventure.

Leo: Leisure for June 2023

You are highly valued, even sought after. Whether in society, in the family or elsewhere, you expose your views and your methods. Take advantage of these positive flows to persuade others to do what you like.

Leo: Key dates for June 2023

-The 2nd: a little backward glance, reflections on your past stories, an emotional assessment that allows you to change things, to understand yourself better and to build yourself better in the future. Only positive things.

-The 5th: You don't have enough of your irresistible charm to ease certain tensions and gently address misunderstandings plaguing the relationship.

-The 11th: do not abuse your power of seduction to obtain the recognition you covet. The best is the enemy of the good. Instead, roll up your sleeves, collaborate, participate, and make a common cause to make yourself appreciated by all.

-The 19th: The structures of your world are slowly evolving, but they will favour your social ascension if you play fair and do not try to confuse those who support you and take offence at your shenanigans.

-The 26th: beware of attempts to force your way through, which are different from everyone's taste. Opt for a nuanced approach from your hierarchy to make a difference and score points rather than losing feathers in counterproductive battles.

Leo: Advice for June 2023

This is a month where you are free to move about, and you are determined to take advantage of this opening to make a mark. Take advantage of your current radiance to put all the chances on your side to make a good impression.

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