Cancer's horoscope for June 2023

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for June 2023

Rather hungry, greedy? You have no intention of depriving yourself of earthly foods. A sharpened sensuality and an increased greediness make you want everything. Count on a conjuncture supportive of your ambitions to regulate your desires and facilitate their satisfaction while others channel their gluttony so as not to overstep the mark.

Cancer: Mood for June 2023

You enter the month with a magnetic aura that helps you achieve your goals. You convince those you need to believe in you and follow you. Rely on your charm and determination to do well on all fronts.

Cancer: Love for June 2023

Your present desires are linked to some unfulfilled ones from the past. You feel connected to certain emotions that inspire you, to certain reflections that dictate your choices, and delightfully fulfill your expectations around the 17th and 21st when you have every reason to be satisfied.

In a Relationship: you aspire to evolve in adequacy with the instances of your inner world. Count on Venus and Mars to help you reach a hoped-for degree of enjoyment by connecting you to your feelings.

Single: no great excitement or enthusiasm to be expected, but a level of inner satisfaction which is enough to keep you happy. Reflections linked to experience will allow you to clearly define what you want from now on and answer it.

Cancer: Money for June 2023

Venus exalts your desire to spend more while Mars sharpens your power to strike. This is a perfect duo to demand and obtain an increase in your salary. Opt for a discreet but effective approach through under-the-table negotiations.

Cancer: Work for June 2023

You want your work to be appreciated and rewarded with dignity. You put your talents forward and claim your due. Count on your unwavering determination to plead your cause by cultivating your supporters in the shadows, negotiating for the moment undercover.

Cancer: Leisure for June 2023

A little shopping trip? You spend money to perfect your look or to feel good about yourself.

Cancer: Key dates for June 2023

-The 2nd: an ideal in your sights? Rely on your irresistible charm to rally people around your inspiring and seductive perspectives.

-The 5th: not sure that your radiation is enough to annihilate the tensions which exist towards the others, put yourself with their listening.

-The 11th: if some successfully defend their projects, others risk exceeding their budget and causing concern.

-The 19th: communicative enthusiasm allows some people to get their projects on track. However, this is only if they don't jam the frequency by sending messages that may blur the outlines of their ultimate plans and intentions.

-The 26th: if you force the issue and defend your interests using an overly offensive tone, you risk setting the world on fire without getting your way. Start by lowering your voice and tone it down.

Cancer: Advice for June 2023

The month invites you to focus on your inner world to find answers to your quest for satisfaction or connect to a legitimate quest for personal recognition.

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