Leo's horoscope for July 2022

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for July 2022

Suppose the Sun recommends you (until the 22nd) to think before acting. In that case, you will have difficulty curbing your thirst for conquest from the 5th onwards. Count on Venus to rally the support of those you love around your projects. However, from the 18th onwards, consider taking a step back from the events and your emotional universe to approach it with full knowledge of the facts and under better auspices next month.

Leo: Mood for July 2022

Jupiter exalts your thirst to broaden your horizons. This month you show a determination to surpass yourself. Your enthusiasm allows you to rally support, seduce those around you, and end July in full expansion. You'll be relatively happy with yourself. You act quietly to chart your own course in life, and you have every chance of achieving your goals if you give up expressing your demanding ego at the end of the month. At times you may feel as if the whole world is conspiring against your desires and ambitions. The situation invites you to compose rather than to impose yourself. To avoid ending the month too frustrated, disengage yourself from a daily life that looks grey.

Leo: Love for July 2022

Count on the Sun from the 22nd onwards to attract the attention of whomever you wish (31st). It's not sure that your emotional life will occupy your thoughts. Still, you'll be working in the shadows to change your destiny, to free yourself from certain obstacles, to try something else. From the 26th, love takes over. Count on Venus between the 9th and the 18th to help you carry out your projects and lay the foundations on a solid foundation, even if you feel blocked by a daily routine that is cutting you off.

Leo: Money for July 2022

If your primary goal is to move up the ladder, you hope to gain more and earn more. Use your current aura to demand recognition for your talents and merits. However, the thirst for novelty and change drives you, not necessarily the desire to earn more money. Even if you want to hit the jackpot, assume that some elements and events will slow you down.

Leo: Work for July 2022

There's no question of taking your foot off the pedal in the professional arena, where you're mobilizing to defend your interests. You can count on a warlike Mars to impose your rules, to take a stand, and to make a mark. You have no lack of arguments or charisma to achieve your goals. Supporters in the shadows will help you break with the past, but keep your voice down to avoid turning your superiors against you and your interests. You may struggle to make progress, but daily life will call you to order throughout the month. Go on vacation rather than bury yourself at work so you don't expend your precious energy unnecessarily.

Leo: Leisure for July 2022

Take advantage of the presence of the Sun (from the 22nd) to shine and seduce. You want to show what you are capable of, and you opt for activities that show you off (sporting or creative feats). Anything out of the ordinary appeals to you, whether it's an introduction to surfing, extreme sports, visiting distant countries, exploring different cultures, or simply daring to do what you thought was out of reach before. The best thing would be to take a vacation. Get rid of any feeling of frustration by taking refuge in reading or in an activity that feeds your imagination.

Leo: Key dates for July 2022

-On the 2nd, if you are too ambitious and demanding, it would be in your interest to cut back.
-On the 10th, you have the best chance of achieving your audacious objectives by working undercover.
-On the 17th, in the shadows, little by little, your life evolves in the direction of your aspirations.
-On the 26th, keep your voice down rather than triggering hostilities in high places.
-On the 31st, radiant, you defend your ideas, an ideal, and push back the frontiers of the possible.

Leo: Advice for July 2022

If Jupiter exalts your ambitions, keep a distance from events and people to finely balance your interventions between too much and not enough. If you have a good intuition during the first fortnight which serves your interests, think at the end of the month before speaking and acting so as not to alienate everyone. To get through July at its best, that is to say, without ruminating or grumbling, I prefer to wait without grumbling until the situation returns to normal (in August).

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