Gemini's horoscope for July 2022

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for July 2022

If you're usually a champion communicator, take care when you go out, you're going off the rails. It's all about getting your messages across gently, without forcing anyone's hand. And if you are looking for funding, a raise, or to praise your talents and merits, play it straight, don't take any detours, and put forward (for the moment) your selflessness instead.

Gemini: Mood for July 2022

Rather playful and in a hurry to achieve your goals, rely on dialogue and consultation. Your current good fortune does not give you all the rights and your humor coupled with an infectious enthusiasm helps you make a mark. You are somewhat at ease and a fine strategist in your exchanges, but be careful not to trigger hostility at the end of the month, not to awaken ambush adversity by playing on your volubility. Think before you speak. Otherwise, you risk inflaming debates. This is not necessarily the best method to achieve your ends that you oppose to those whose favors you wish to obtain. Instead, rely on your ability to make people dream and to use your talents to influence others to your advantage.

Gemini: Love for July 2022

If you have a talent for the art of understatement (on the 5th), count on Venus to show your aspirations and desires in a more obvious way. If your appetites push you to excess, you will rally the support of those you love around exciting prospects (the 23rd, the 31st). Count on Venus to reinforce your radiance and launch a new cycle of expanding your love life in beauty. The delightful planet contributes to your success, even if you seem more concerned with financial matters than with your emotional fulfillment. You can count on its undeniable charm to calm things down, so be careful not to let your current affairs intrude too much on your personal life.

Gemini: Money for July 2022

You know how to take advantage of discreet but effective support. However, this protection doesn't give you the right to throw money away or build castles in Spain. You will hold tight to discussions on the 10th and 14th. But less so on the 26th and 28th, when you will be expected to do so. You aspire to serve a cause, fulfill a mission, reach an ideal, or change direction. Know that it is not by putting pressure on your banker or a loan shark that you will get the best out of the game.

Gemini: Work for July 2022

Jupiter encourages your initiatives and projects. You know how to mobilize those who defend your interests but do not take advantage of this support to spend more than expected. This attitude earns you criticism. Your arguments will be much more convincing on the 23rd and 31st, as your ability to act as a fine strategist works wonders. Measure the impact of your words at the end of the month. Possible slippages alter your credibility. Prefer to put forward your talents and potentials rather than play with your charm and avoid opposing head-on with someone stronger than you.

Gemini: Leisure for July 2022

You feel like letting go. Be careful that you don't get carried away by exciting prospects. Join a yoga class or meditate to calm your bubbling temperament. Avoid taking too many risks between July 19th and August 4th, when a Mars lurking in the shadow of your sign invites you to be cautious. Prefer to read than plan a hike in the mountains. You're too busy to think about distracting yourself. However, if you find that your efforts are in vain, you'd rather go to the beach than camp out in vain.

Gemini: Key dates for July 2022

-On the 2nd, your banker does not systematically endorse the project you present to him. Especially if you try to force your way through.
-On the 10th, you can count on support in the shadows or on a surprise effect to get what you want.
-On the 17th, you have the best chance of scoring points by expressing your desire to serve a great cause or the community.
-On the 26th, beware of spats if you do not communicate clearly or send subliminal messages to the other.
-On the 31st, the current is going well, and your arguments will allow you to advance a project.

Gemini: Advice for July 2022

If the cosmic backdrop is working in your direction, be careful to avoid certain excesses that you will regret later. So, whatever the cost to you, prefer to cultivate reason rather than exaltation. You are starting the month on a high note and are determined to get what you want. At the end of the month, try to calm things down rather than say something that might upset some people. A complicated summer month to manage? Do you find it challenging to convince others? Agree to take a break and go on vacation until things settle down.

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