Capricorn's horoscope for February 2020

Written by Daisy

February wakes up our desires, this is not the time to hibernate but to mobilize to accelerate change and pursue and achieve our goals. After a month of January that shook us, the cosmic backdrop solicits our intuition, our inspiration, and exalts our aspiration to reach an ideal. Now is the moment and the month to search for better, a project of the soul.

Capricorn: Love horoscope for February 2020

Love: Take Care of Others!

At the beginning of the month, Venus promotes exchanges with those around you and, from the 7th, invites you to take care of your family relationships. We have to compromise and manage stewardship as well as possible. You redouble your zeal so that your private life takes place in a serene atmosphere. Capricorn, you take advantage of this sky to calm potential conflicts, close ranks, or live warm moments with family.

1st decan (December 22nd - January 2nd): We Redistribute the Cards to Your Idea!

The current goes well in February and you discuss what you want to change in your relationship. Uranus gives you some crazy ideas and you discuss the desire to upset habits that paralyze your emotional life. This is the ideal month to make yourself heard and understood by others. From the 3rd, you open lively debates but you have to leave your partner time for reflection from the 17th. With strong arguments, you will probably win, in March. In a Relationship, you offer to innovate with your partner, change roles, and tint your relationship with fantasy. Do not force their hand and accept that they take time to think about your proposals. Single, , Uranus strengthens your attraction for people who are out of the ordinary and breathe an idea of freedom into your love. You prefer to build relationships that surprise you and do not chain you. Count on your reassurance to make anyone who likes you follow you.

2nd decan (January 3rd - January 11th): Irresistible!

Open to life and confident, you are going through a harmonious period. Your charm leaves no one indifferent. Take advantage of these exceptional conditions to captivate whomever you want around the 20th: the cosmic state of affairs reaches its maximum positive impact. In a Relationship, your partner is sensitive to your charm and to an enhanced bond. Magical moments to share and to keep in your heart to remember when your exchanges will reconnect with everyday life in a less extraordinary version. Single, , take advantage of an exceptional radiance to attract whoever you want. We listen to you, we admire you, and we want to be part of your inner circle.

3rd decan (January 12th - January 20th): Cultivate Your Sunny Side Rather than your Shadows!

At the beginning of the month, Venus invites you to share in harmony. Do not miss any opportunity to communicate with those around you to restore a quality of listening that was lacking. Do not give in to the temptation to do too much on a social level: at home we will not take your way of intervening which we interpret as manipulation. Stay clear in your intentions and actions to be believed. In a Relationship, bet on the beginning of the month to resume family dialogue with your loved ones and your partner. You will be heard and understood, expose your ambitions but avoid (the 11th, 13th, and 28th) raising your voice or confusing the exchanges by giving free rein to your moods. This does not rally the votes. Single, , use your charm at the beginning of the month. We appreciate your slightly enigmatic side. But avoid sharing your metaphysical musings with anyone if you do not want them to run away.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Your quest is emotional. You want to love but in your own way. Get your messages across smoothly and take the time to wait for someone else's response before moving up a gear.

Capricorn: The thread of the month for February 2020

The First Week,

The 2nd, you please. Take the opportunity to renew the dialogue in a good mood. The 3rd, you aspire to be understood and communicate in a serious, convincing, and reassuring fashion. The 5th, the debates are open and you do not lack audacity or talent to propose projects that are out of the ordinary. The 9th, the full Moon invites you to transform yourself and not to skip over the necessary transformation needed for your evolution.

The Second Week,

The 11th, you aspire to openly express your ambitions but avoid manipulating, influencing, or forcing anyone. The 13th, watch out for an excess of zeal that displeases. It is in your interest to lower your tone.

The Third Week

The 17th, the exchanges slow down, we have to think about it. The 20th, you take advantage of beneficial waves that put you in tune with the world and in harmony with yourself. Take this opportunity to move forward. The 21st, a determination pushes you to act and dare. But keep in mind that not everyone runs as fast as you do. The 22nd, the current is passing. Now is the moment to propose your ideas without trying to make a buzz at all costs. The 23rd, the new Moon promotes communication and encourages you to broaden your knowledge. Feel free to connect with the world to share and learn.

The Fourth Week,

The 25th, communication intensifies and you redouble your zeal to make yourself heard. Moderate your passion and do not confuse authority with abuse of power. The 26th, hard-hitting arguments and a desire to make yourself heard makes your mark. The 28th, give up imposing anything on the family because, even if you pass your messages smoothly, you find it difficult to stem emotions that are bad counselors. Identify your intentions and take stock before you say anything.

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