Virgo's horoscope for December 2023

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for December 2023

You are mobilizing body, heart and soul to meet the expectations of those around you, who will expect a lot from you. This is the time to take action to improve your living conditions, to manage your housekeeping as well as possible, but also to get your messages across in a way that is understood by all, so as not to generate misunderstandings that you would regret. It's an ideal month for taking to the open seas in the company of loved ones, or simply broadening your horizons together.

Virgo: Mood for December 2023

You feel the need for something else, somewhere else or something different. You can't stand the status quo, a life devoid of fantasy, too much in line. A little wind of rebellion is blowing through and invigorating your life.

Virgo: Love for December 2023

A renewed desire to have adventures that are out of the ordinary, to change the way you operate in love for one that exalts you more, you get out of a routine that you can no longer stand . Present things in the right way, rather than putting pressure on the other .

In couple: if your desire to give meaning and, above all, spice back to the relationship is legitimate, don't rush your partner, but present your new version of the relationship gently.

Single: while your adventurous side may appeal, it's not likely to convince the other person to follow you if you impose your rules on them, which they find too personal. Remain attentive to your partner's needs as well as your own .

Virgo: Money for December 2023

To get financial support from your superior, your banker or an organization, start by presenting your projects in the best light. The one that surprises them will win them over. Not the one that makes them want to take a powder.

Virgo: Work for December 2023

Your innovative spirit, your desire to push back the frontiers of what's possible, to innovate, to shake up codes will win you over if you present things taking into account the opinion of those around you, who will be less keen if you set the course without waiting for their approval.

Virgo: Leisure for December 2023

You've got a lot of crazy ideas in your head and the desire to surpass yourself. Now's the time to take on challenges you've been too afraid to take on. Whether it's climbing Annapurna or simply learning to drive.

Virgo: Key dates for December 2023

-The 5th: You'll need to get your message across gently to those around you, who will pay close attention to what you have to say. Make every effort to break down the armour, open up and maintain an open dialogue.
-The 17th: those close to you don't always understand what you're getting at. Clarify what you're saying so that exchanges don't end in a dialogue of the deaf.
-The 18th: brio, elegance and a charm that steers discussions in the right direction. Make the most of your undeniable assets to leave a lasting impression, and win points and hearts in the process.
-21st: Temper your ardor and your irrepressible desire to push back the frontiers of the possible. People will go along with you if your ambitions remain reasonable.
-28th: beware of foreseeable conflicts in the family if you try to rule everything and everyone. You run the risk of generating misunderstandings or opposition that will act underhandedly to defeat you.

Virgo: Advice for December 2023

Anything is possible, and you're bold enough to expand your horizons. But before you take a new step, make sure that stewardship and others follow.

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