Gemini's horoscope for December 2023

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for December 2023

A strong determination to impose your vision of things on partners and interlocutors who are more or less willing to believe and follow you. It's better to rely on your willingness to collaborate to win than to force your way through situations that might discredit your initiatives if you want to succeed.

Gemini: Mood for December 2023

At once ready to fight for what you want, but at the same time willing to do what it takes to serve the interests of the community. It's a winning combination that convinces others you're reliable, yet just as sympathetic and dedicated. That's if you can control some of the outbursts that can get in the way.

Gemini: Love for December 2023

With the desire to please everyone, you go out of your way to make everyone feel supported and you redouble your attention to show your loved ones that they can count on you. The only pitfall to avoid is a tendency to launch reflections that could thwart your good intentions.

In couple: if you make it a point of honor to make those you love feel pampered and protected, avoid letting certain impulses poison your exchanges. Anything you can't control is detrimental to peace.

Single: while Venus may encourage you to take initiatives to win the hearts and minds of those around you, you need to be wary of certain out-of-control outbursts that could interfere with your desire to live in harmony with those close to you. If you feel you're getting out of hand, keep quiet.

Gemini: Money for December 2023

When it comes to obtaining financial support from associates, partners and a wide variety of other people, you need to be convincing. Remember to show that you're ready to serve the company's interests as well as your own.

Gemini: Work for December 2023

You won't shy away from the front line, and you'll stop at nothing when it comes to convincing your contacts that your proposals are worth studying and taking into account. Rely on your desire to serve the common cause to rally support and obtain the backing you need to take action.

Gemini: Leisure for December 2023

You need to release the aggression you need to keep under control for your initiatives to pay off. Opt for disciplines that allow you to channel certain unconscious forces, such as yoga, boxing and tai chi.

Gemini: Key dates for December 2023

-The 5th: It's by serving the common cause that you'll best succeed in winning unanimous support, convincing the higher-ups that you can be counted on to deliver. This approach will enable you to consolidate your current situation.
-The 17th: keep listening to others if you don't want to sow mistrust in people's minds about your intentions, which they may find questionable. Stay clear in your exchanges so that they evolve.
-The 18th: you'll use your sense of strategy to influence current situations to your advantage. Behind the scenes, you'll be wielding the levers you need to bring your initiatives to fruition.
-The 21st: don't let certain unconscious behaviours pollute your intentions to collaborate, channel emotions that interfere counterproductively with your desire to do well.
-28th: from the outset, refrain from approaching your interlocutors, social or private partners in a provocative tone, at the risk of polluting exchanges and making others want to slow you down. Keep your voice down, but play fair.

Gemini: Advice for December 2023

It's a month when you have the opportunity to move forward, if you don't let things slip from time to time that you don't necessarily appreciate. Control what's going on inside you and what's coming out in spite of you.

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