Capricorn's horoscope for December 2023

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for December 2023

Take time to consider the ins and outs of your actions and initiatives. Whatever the area concerned, it's in your interest to adjust your aim carefully in order to avoid misunderstandings, and to get your messages across in the hope of being understood. Some of you will enjoy immunity in an atmosphere conducive to self-fulfilment.

Capricorn: Mood for December 2023

You want to transcend certain previous limitations that have blocked you for too long, preventing you from expressing your originality, your difference. You have the opportunity to express yourself, but don't offend anyone.

Capricorn: Love for December 2023

You're making seductive plans, but don't upset who you like or wish to attract by subjecting them to whims they don't appreciate. Be daring and original, but don't go overboard .

In couple: you're more likely to please your partner, to make him want to follow you into inspiring perspectives if you respect his desires and wishes as much as your own. Avoid imposing anything.

Single: your plans enthuse your friends and loved ones, and seduce those you covet. If you reassure the other person, don't worry them by exposing too much of your desire for independence.

Capricorn: Money for December 2023

To improve your income, rely on your ability to renew and surprise, but avoid overdoing it. You don't want the quest for the best to become the enemy of the good. Let's hear it...

Capricorn: Work for December 2023

Make the most of the time to prepare for what's to come and give yourself every chance of opening a new session with all the cards in hand to succeed. Jupiter has paved the way for you, and will be back with a vengeance from February onwards.

Capricorn: Leisure for December 2023

Anything that allows you to get off the beaten track, to try something new, wins your approval. Challenge yourself by trying a sport or activity that helps you push back your limits.

Capricorn: Key dates for December 2023

-On the 5th: you're looking to the future and the realization of a project on the basis of constructive exchanges with those around you, who expect you to maintain projects that are likely to go the distance and stay the course.
-The 17th: communicate as clearly as possible with people close to you who find you evasive, unsure of yourself or cunning. To keep, or even regain, their trust, play it straight or keep quiet.
-The 18th: your relations with your partner, your children or anyone you like are bordering on cordial. You want to have a good time in pleasant company. This is the time to consider a joint project, a family outing or a romantic getaway.
-21st: to spice up the relationship, to live a story that doesn't encroach too much on your freedom of movement, propose to the other person a project likely to please them without making them doubt too much your commitment to them.
-28th: beware of underhand manoeuvres you use to control a situation or people close to you who don't see it that way. You risk turning everyone against you.

Capricorn: Advice for December 2023

It's a month that invites you to be daring, to dream out loud if you don't force anyone to follow you. The trick is to satisfy your quest for novelty and fantasy without making too many waves around you.

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