Virgo's horoscope for December 2022

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for December 2022

Try to refocus on your family life in December, which is probably crying out for your attention and care. Try to communicate as clearly as possible with your loved ones. Rely on open and transparent dialogue to make yourself understood, but do not impose anything on yours if you want the exchanges to remain serene and constructive. From the 10th onwards, count on your absolute charm to end the month in style and most certainly in love.

Virgo: Mood for December 2022

Radiant and charismatic, you are at the center of everyone's attention in December. You don't mind shining, and you enjoy the exercise. Just be careful not to overdo it (on the 22nd), at the risk that people will find you pretentious.

Virgo: Love for December 2022

Count on Venus (between the 10th and 18th) to strengthen your personal radiance. A unique radiance that you will use to attract attention. The Sun takes over from the 21st, and from the 20th, Jupiter guarantees you exceptional magnetism. This will undoubtedly help your relationships to evolve in the right direction.

In a Relationship: you will have a cosmic backdrop favorable to your sentimental blossoming in December. You will have plenty of charm and sensuality to spare, which will rekindle the flame. However, you should refrain from imposing your desires on others (22nd).

Single: bet on a torrid sex appeal in December to hit the nail on the head. You aspire to live a story that will take you to the seventh heaven. Be careful (on the 22nd) not to frighten the other person by being too ardent or demanding.

Virgo: Money for December 2022

From the 20th onwards, Jupiter will allow you to collect dividends (bonuses) linked to the work done and the efforts made between May 10 and October 28. However, do not demand too much (22nd).

Virgo: Work for December 2022

You will not lack creativity or the desire to impress. Venus (between the 10th and the 18th) and the Sun (from the 21st) tend to exalt your abilities from the 20th. In that case, Jupiter allows you to draw the juicy fruits of experiences lived this month or (and) between May 10 and the end of October.

Virgo: Leisure for December 2022

You take great pleasure in cultivating your gifts. You aspire to show what you are capable of. Don't hesitate to sign up for a painting, sewing class, or any other form of recreation that allows you to express your exalted creativity.

Virgo: Key dates for December 2022

-On the 2nd, the current has difficulty in passing between you and your close relations? Reassure your troops by seriously managing the housekeeping.
-On the 4th, if your desire to please your loved ones seems obvious, it is not sure that they will take you at your word.
-On the 17th, your exalted creativity allows you to push back certain previous limitations.
-On the 22nd, opt for an open dialogue if it is a question of discussing stewardship or family matters. Some will be eager to spice up their love affairs or express their talents more daringly than usual.
-On the 28th, a climate of osmosis and collaboration will illuminate your love affairs, but more globally, your exchanges with the world around you.

Virgo: Advice for December 2022

The last month of the year that you unwind in beauty and are spoiled by the elements. An opportunity to have fun, express your feelings and receive love. Provided you avoid (on the 22nd) demanding too much of the other person.

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