Sagittarius's horoscope for December 2021

Written by Daisy

Sagittarius: Astral Climate for December 2021

The Sun illuminates your sign until the 21st and encourages you to launch a new cycle of expansion. You benefit from a magnetism that contributes to ensuring your success in love or society. Even if you sometimes come up against communication problems in your daily life (in the second half of the year). Rely on your radiance to get your message across, to be heard and understood.

Sagittarius: Mood for December 2021

Nothing seems to alter your radiant mood in December. The friendly sky is very favorable to you, especially in the first two weeks. The Sun is shining on you, Mercury is supporting your communication, and Venus is occupying your financial sector. Mars is giving you conquering energy, Jupiter opens up your horizons, and Saturn stabilizes your assets. Only Neptune is really blurring your ideas from afar, but this is not much compared to this celestial flood of various benefits. As a result, you are optimistic and full of energy, with a unique talent for drawing others into your enthusiasm. Not only are you in a good mood, but you're also contagious!

Sagittarius: Love for December 2021

You have had time to adapt your communication skills. Those close to you are beginning to take your new maturity into account. Jupiter is passing through the sector of your immediate circle and supports your relationships with neighbors and colleagues. From the 29th onwards, you will significantly improve your family's living conditions. The Sun adorns you with great charm, but Saturn calms your impulses when they are excessive. When you feel that your freedom of movement is blocked, you quickly find this climate frustrating. You are eager to satisfy your ardent desires. Still, it is necessary to channel your appetites so that your partner does not find you a little too greedy. You have everything to please, and your communication is enthusiastic enough to enchant everyone.

Sagittarius: Money for December 2021

Venus in your financial sector throughout December (and beyond) promises you good money, good luck, maybe a bonus or a raise. Your finances are more largely protected by Jupiter, your ruling planet. Until the 29th, it is in the friendly sign of Aquarius and induces certain independence. This autonomy does a lot of good to your independent and adventurous temperament. Still, this excellent program depends on your attitude, and you must, to succeed financially, control your enthusiastic and often excessive impulses. So, take advantage of the largesse that the heavens offer you without squandering your wealth. Make an effort to analyze your accounts from time to time. Since the sky is favorable to you, take the opportunity to put some money aside. You'll be glad you did when a less sunny sky sends you financial problems that need to be resolved quickly...

Sagittarius: Work for December 2021

You have made great strides in your dealings with your professional environment. You can now communicate genuinely without provoking exacerbated resistance. If you aspire to do something different, you must be patient. The situation is not evolving as quickly as you would like. You must learn to assert yourself more serenely. In December, you will develop your talents and progress. You will plead your cause with skill and enthusiasm, which will open doors to financial and personal enrichment opportunities.

Sagittarius: Leisure for December 2021

Your dynamism constantly pushes you towards new experiences and unusual adventures. December is an excellent month to explore in one way or another. A mini-trip, a big trip, the resumption of high studies, a high-level training, all these sectors are reaching out to you. Above all, you are looking for a change of scenery and an elevation. This can be done through a visit to a museum or exhibition, a concert, or a show of choice. In any case, you will take great pleasure in sharing these moments with family or friends. Your contagious enthusiasm will not fail to bring you accomplices, whatever your project may be!

Sagittarius: Key dates for December 2021

- On the 4th, the New Moon puts you in the spotlight and invites you to initiate a new expansion cycle.

- On the 8th, if you are asking too much of those around you, beware of enmities that you could create by being a little too greedy or direct.

- On the 19th, the Full Moon invites you to take a step towards the other, collaborate, associate, and cooperate.

- On the 26th, you aspire to improve your living conditions and consider investing this day to achieve this.

- On the 30th, determined and combative, you will not let anything or anyone get you down. You will use your energy and strength to manage your exchanges well and make them really efficient.

Sagittarius: Advice for December 2021

After a long and somewhat frosty period in terms of exchanges, count on Jupiter from the 29th to close ranks and warm up the atmosphere. In the meantime, learn to relax and trust each other for good. At the end of this year, follow the movement rather than anticipate it. Take advantage of restrictive, even frustrating, conditions in terms of exchanges to identify and structure what you really want to say. The only one to avoid perhaps in December to hope to end the year in beauty. Wanting and asking for too much. Settle for a lot in December.

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