Pisces's horoscope for December 2021

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for December 2021

In December, you are mobilized on the professional front rather than on the sentimental terrain. In many areas, projects are in the making as a new expansion cycle is on the horizon. You still need to fine-tune your plans, rally support for your proposals, and face up to some resistance that will only give way with time. From the 29th onwards, you can hope to embark on new adventures.

Pisces: Mood for December 2021

There is a lot of nervousness at the beginning of the month, primarily until the 13th. You find it very difficult to express your feelings. You have the frustrating feeling that you are neither listened to nor understood. Hang in there as the sky is clearing as the days go by, and you will be in great shape for New Year's Eve. While waiting for these happy moments, don't alienate your loved ones because of your poorly controlled emotions: a clumsiness, an unfortunate word, could temporarily scupper your most beautiful relationships. Take confidence in yourself and keep yourself busy. This is the best remedy to silence anxiety that has no real purpose.

Pisces: Love for December 2021

You've dealt with what needed to be dealt with. You've drawn a line under the past, and you're about to open a new cycle of life with knowledge. It is only at the end of the month (the 29th) that Jupiter enters your sign, indicating the beginning of an expansion that you will not have stolen. Saturn enjoins you to liquidate all past problems, and the exercise is not easy. Speak frankly, and people will follow you without distrusting you. Venus is in the friendly and reassuring sign of Capricorn. You can count on your lovers but also on your friends. Moreover, a crush may be hiding in this social circle for some of you, so be careful!

Pisces: Money for December 2021

Don't buy compulsively to reassure or comfort yourself. Keep your feet on the ground and think about putting some money aside for the holidays. You have the best chance of improving your finances through your work, but luck can also come your way. Don't take too many chances if you have to win; you'll do just as well with change as with a hefty bill that will leave a hole in your budget that's hard to fill. Don't listen to all the fine speeches that make you dream of significant gains. Stay reasonable and prudent. Jupiter will help you, if need be, to bail you out from the 29th onwards (if you have not exaggerated in the meantime).

Pisces: Work for December 2021

Saturn will stop holding you back, and Jupiter, from the 29th, will invite you to embark on new adventures that have been carefully thought out and prepared. Count on Mars to support your efforts and give you the will to impose your methods. You dream of freeing yourself from a past that you now consider outdated. Still, you must wait a while longer to integrate the last lessons and to encounter some moments of frustration. You are coming to the end of a process, a story, or an adventure, and you are ready to start another one soon. Rely on your willpower, but don't pressure those around you or hover too high above reality.

Pisces: Leisure for December 2021

This is an excellent month to get away from it all, literally and figuratively. So, a movie, an exotic video, or an unusual concert? Unless you decide to take off for an unexpected weekend, alone or with good company. Either way, you need a change of scenery, and your friends can help you find some good deals. This is obviously a great month to get closer to your family for New Year's Eve. You can keep your hands and mind busy by wrapping gifts, searching the Internet for an exceptional menu, or simply playing with the kids to reconnect with some carefree fun. Whatever you do, relax. Your future promises to be beautiful with Jupiter as your accomplice and ally.

Pisces: Key dates for December 2021

- On the 7th, stay realistic if you want to make your superiors want to believe you and follow you.

- On the 12th, beware of the vagueness that could arise between you and those in power. To convince, play it straight.

- On the 20th, your initiatives will be supported by people behind the scenes, and your originality will seduce your interlocutors.

- On the 25th, the current passes well between you and those who seek to help you, who favor your plans.

- On the 29th, Jupiter enters your sign, which is the beginning of a new cycle of expansion.

Pisces: Advice for December 2021

From the 29th onwards, Jupiter invites you to develop your full potential. This is no longer the time to consider the past but to look to the future. To optimize your chances of realizing your projects, start by showing kindness to your supporters. You are turning the page to open another one.

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