Aquarius's horoscope for August 2023

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for August 2023

Don't hesitate to take a step towards each other, you are beginning to understand what you want from each other and what you are willing to give to make the story work. If a new settlement or a separation is on the agenda, base your choices on solid foundations, in agreement with yourself.

Aquarius: Mood for August 2023

You do not let your feet be walked on, you trace your way without consulting those around you. You should submit your plans to those who love you, because two opinions are better than one, even if you follow your own way.

Aquarius: Love for August 2023

You are mobilized by a family project that requires your full attention. You are in charge of the operations, but remain attentive to the advice of those around you.

In couple: a move or a real estate purchase in progress. You lack neither determination nor energy to steer events in the right direction, but do not neglect the opinion of others.

Single: you are working with enthusiasm and efficiency to finalize a personal project. Whether it's about starting a family or settling down somewhere else, the other person's gaze will not be superfluous.

Aquarius: Money for August 2023

If you need to raise funds for a personal project, you will move heaven and earth to get your way. If those around you urge you to be careful, listen to them.

Aquarius: Work for August 2023

Unless you are involved in a family business, you spend your time improving your living conditions. You're using good strategies to lay the groundwork for your future. Consult with your own people or a team before you accelerate.

Aquarius: Leisure for August 2023

You want to get away from it all, or even move to another country. You aspire to realize your dreams. Make sure that others want to follow you.

Aquarius: Key dates for August 2023

-On the 1st : the first full moon of the month puts you in the spotlight. This is the time to determine what is still possible or not in love. Count on a willingness to change things to invest in real estate or to make your family life evolve.
-The 9th: stay tuned to the other person so as not to provoke a conflict that would not solve anything. It is through dialogue that you change things in a constructive way.
-The 16th: Beware of family breakdowns, you may find it difficult to keep your cool. Rely on your ability to clarify everyone's interests to make things move forward.
-On the 22nd: although you are willing to show good will, the current is not going well between you and your loved ones. Too many emotions influence the exchanges. Calm down the game.
-On the 25th: by taking a step back, you will be able to define the strategies to adopt in order to change the situation without creating a mess.

Aquarius: Advice for August 2023

A certain euphoria overcomes you, as your prospects for personal and family expansion become clearer, if not realized. Don't forget that others have a say in your life as well.

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