Gemini's horoscope for August 2022

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for August 2022

In August, try to channel a latent aggressiveness that gets you into trouble. Cultivate serenity and use your inner energy to serve a cause that is bigger than yourself rather than stirs up trouble. Rely on controlled communication to get what you want smoothly. Whether it's a project you hold dear or a life mission you aspire to embody.

Gemini: Mood for August 2022

Venus aligns you with those around you, but don't try to lead everyone else. Mars endows you with a will that pushes you to act in your own interest but take into account the interests of others. You are not lacking in resources to face obstacles. You are burning to accomplish a mission. However, keep it secret for the time being to avoid painful confrontations with those close to you. They are not convinced of the legitimacy of your objectives.

Gemini: Love for August 2022

You can count on Jupiter to nourish your projects and concretize perspectives that galvanize you. Count on Venus to expose your plans and pass on your messages with success to your loved ones, but do not impose anything on them. You are active in the shadows to fulfill your desires as quickly as possible. You do not lack arguments to precipitate events. Still, you do not offend sensitivities because your charm is not enough to convince. You aspire to realize a dream, to reach an ideal, but you are thwarted by obstacles. You will not give up, even if you have difficulty communicating with those close to you who want to bring you down to earth.

Gemini: Money for August 2022

If you are looking for funds to carry out a project, count on Venus to seduce and Mars to convince, but do not try to force the hand of those in power. Rely on a covert strategy since too much charm arouses suspicion. Your ability to serve an ideal helps you get the funds you need, but be aware of temporarily impassable limits.

Gemini: Work for August 2022

You have an undeniable ability to rally people around a vision of the future that has everything to please. Still, you must channel your energy and authority, not to everyone's taste. You combine strength and calculated risk-taking to advance your pawns. Don't reveal your batteries, as you may pay the price. If you have the talent to achieve an ideal, expect to face ambush adversity. Don't give up. Keep up the momentum without provoking unnecessary, even counterproductive, controversy.

Gemini: Leisure for August 2022

You want to share everything with those you love. Don't hesitate to invest in activities that will make everyone happy, but don't play the leader of the tribe. If Mars and Uranus exacerbate your desire to act, control your impulses that could lead you down a dangerous path. If you can go on vacation, take advantage of it to rest, not accomplish feats.

Gemini: Key dates for August 2022

-On the 1st, beware of an inner turmoil to be channeled into making the most of it.
-On the 7th, make sure that a repressed aggressiveness does not work against your ambitions by awakening an ambushed adversity.
-On the 11th, continue to work in the shadows for a cause that is important to you, an ideal.
-On the 17th, you communicate enthusiastically with those close to you about a project that appeals to everyone.
-On the 27th, beware of verbal blunders that could lead to misunderstandings or conflicts.

Gemini: Advice for August 2022

If August favors exchanges, avoid thinking that everything is due to you. You use your strengths wisely, without making your intentions known for the moment, and you score points. An ambiguous month to be approached and developed as wisely as possible. Continue to defend your ambitions without triggering too many controversies. It's up to you.

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