Taurus's horoscope for August 2021

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for August 2021

The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are likely to push you alternately to excess and reserve, to stubbornness and then to goodwill, to conflicts followed by reconciliation. Venus and Mars are well placed, at least until the 16th, to help you with your daily work and routine. The climate is changeable but realistic. You can maintain exciting projects in all areas, even if some of them will require patience and perseverance.

Taurus: Mood for August 2021

You can be irritable or authoritarian at times. This peremptory attitude could lead to conflicts or resistance that will make you feel bad if you don't put a little more diplomacy into your exchanges. Any obstacle appears to you as a personal offense, and your behavior may harm you more than it helps you. In August, it is important to remain diligent in your activities and postpone stormy discussions until later (towards the beginning of the school year). The best thing to do is concentrate on your personal projects while remaining kind to those around you. It's a balance to find.

Taurus: Love for August 2021

Venus and Mars will exalt your love life at least until the 16th. Then you will expand your preoccupation to the rest of your environment by investing more in your family or home. The Sun helps you manage stewardship and enjoy good family relationships at least until the 22nd. After that, it is your power of seduction that will allow you to shine, to please, and perhaps to try your luck in love. Remain very attentive to what is going on at work and in your social relationships. You will keep an eye on your love affairs and show yourself as available as necessary.

Taurus: Money for August 2021

You manage your finances with a lot of common sense and efficiency. Your daily activities bring you money and satisfaction. Your possible investments are judicious and prudent. Your expenses are under control with sometimes difficulties linked to the attraction for beautiful things and noble materials. On the whole, if you remain attentive and disciplined, you should not encounter any significant problems. This is also an excellent time to make an original but solid investment.

Taurus: Work for August 2021

You are full of energy at work, full of ideas and zeal, and your colleagues, associates, and clients are pleased with you. But you are limited by frustrating constraints or responsibilities. You tend to struggle until you exceed your strengths or limits. Until the 22nd, you work hard, sometimes communicate with arrogance, and are on all fronts. At the end of the month, the climate will calm down, and you will recharge your batteries at home, relax and look forward to your professional future with serenity.

Taurus: Leisure for August 2021

Nervous tension is palpable, and you must remain cautious in your activities, for your nervousness or distraction could lead to unpleasant incidents. Take part in moderate sports such as swimming, cycling or walking. Keep in touch with your family by sharing walks, fixing them a grill, or playing an occasional board game. Relaxation and spending are the two focuses of this slightly overworked but exciting month.

Taurus: Key dates for August 2021

On the 2nd, you're busy with loved ones and overwhelmed at work. Do what you can.
On the 10th, charming and charming, you share your dreams, hopes, projects, and ideas with your partner. Stay realistic so that he/she will want to follow you.
On the 19th, your willpower and your muscular speech allow you to convince without constraining.
On the 23rd, your willingness to cooperate pleads in your favor with a hierarchy but sensitive to your efforts.
On the 26th, you will carry your ambitions and praise your merits with success.

Taurus: Advice for August 2021

Some people favor emotional relationships. Others cling to their activities. Try to divide yourself equally between your career plans and the time you need to give your loved ones to live in peace without giving up on your personal goals. It's up to you to navigate your way around with diplomacy and education.

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