Scorpio's horoscope for August 2020

Written by Daisy

To take advantage of summer and avoid turbulence. Put oil in the cogs rather than on the fire. You can spend your vacation in the Sun and without incident. If you have trouble controlling latent aggression or rising anger, use humor to make yourself understood rather than provoke your interlocutors.

Scorpio: Love horoscope for August 2020

Love: You Set the Bar High!

Venus exalts your desires, awakens your sensuality, and sensually animates your debates. From August 7th, Scorpio, she makes you want to develop the bond. If you are looking for a soulmate, no question of making choices below your expectations and requirements. You do everything in your power to find that special someone.

1st decan (October 24th - November 3rd): Get Out of Your Habits!

Nothing stands in the way of your ambitious quest in August. You aspire to live bonding moments with those you love. Take advantage of a cloudless sky to embark with the other in your dreams. In search of large spaces to discover in pleasant company, it's time to fly to distant destinations. And if you sail alone, you might come across someone that will give you wings.

2nd decan (November 4th - November 13th): Flee the Banality!

The first fortnight exposes you to tensions that distance you from peace and rest. Fortunately, Venus, from the 18th, invites you to put love at the center of your priorities. Do not be begged to surprise your partner. Take them to the other side of the world on a vacation that will get you out of your habits. In August, you are thirsty for a change of scenery and an exhilaration that will allow you to broaden your usual horizons and restore color to your love.

3rd decan (November 14th - November 22nd): Summer Storms to be Expected!

The current has a hard time passing, especially if you want to manage everything in stewardship. Not sure we like it! The atmosphere is tense. Take a step back from the events and your emotions so as not to spend the month in conflict with everyone. Fortunately, from the 27th, Venus helps you escape this unhealthy climate. It will be time to plan your vacation or a beautiful getaway.

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August invites you to travel and exalt the senses. You break with the ordinary and try something else, somewhere else, or otherwise. You reconnect with love and your story, whether old, recent, or to come. It lifts you from the ground.

Scorpio: The thread of the month for August 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, you seem to be misunderstood, but your messages are not clear. Before taking a stand, make sure that unconscious intentions do not short-circuit your interventions. The 2nd, you aspire to redefine the rules. Do it gently rather than stoking possible resentments or provoking the other. The 3rd, the Full Moon invites you to take care of the family that demands your attention. Go on vacation together or take charge of managing the stewardship. The 4th, do not try to direct everything. Otherwise, you risk having your authority challenged, and your manners criticized.

The Second Week,

The 10th, your speeches are not unifying. You stand out. If you intend to reshuffle the cards, stay calm so as not to be annoyed. The 13th, watch out for the conflicts that punctuate the day. Lower your tone so as not to be stuck in your corner. The 16th, use your combative energy to complete the files in progress and actively serve the community.

The Third Week,

The 17th, you make useful proposals likely to serve common interests. It is the best method to win votes. The 18th, you dream of new sensations to explore. Try something elsewhere or otherwise in love because what excites you is escaping everyday life. The 19th, the New Moon announces the start of the school year to prepare and manage gently rather than stepping up to the plate.

The Fourth Week,

The 24th, do not provoke hostility from those around you who do not appreciate the way you manage your daily life and your stewardship. Lower your tone so as not to end the day alone. The 25th, your head and heart are full of projects. You want to share your dreams with your partner who appreciates that you open up new horizons for them. The 27th, you are hovering today. Love transports you and deposits you in latitudes close to seventh heaven. The 29th, you rally the votes around perspectives that inspire you. Use your convincing arguments to get the support you need. The 30th, do not let your enthusiasm and your ardent desires cloud your communication. The best is the enemy of good.

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