Leo's horoscope for August 2020

Written by Daisy

To take advantage of summer and avoid turbulence. Put oil in the cogs rather than on the fire. You can spend your vacation in the Sun and without incident. If you have trouble controlling latent aggression or rising anger, use humor to make yourself understood rather than provoke your interlocutors.

Leo: Love horoscope for August 2020

Love: Take Stock!

The Sun shines in your sign until the 22nd, and strengthens your radiance. But, between August 7th and September 6, Venus favors a withdrawal into yourself rather than the expression of your feelings and passions. Take this opportunity to take a quick step back and learn from past experiences. In early September, Leo, you will launch a new emotional cycle knowingly.

1st decan (July 23rd - August 2nd): Flirting, yes! But Reflection is Advised!

It's a peaceful August. Take the time to consider your feelings and plans. Between the 7th and the 18th, you have time to refine your strategies and find out where you are emotionally. An examination of the details that does not upset you in August. You benefit from a clear sky ideal to flirt in the secret of the bedroom.

2nd decan (August 3rd - August 13th): The Current Goes Better from the 18th!

There is a thunderstorm in the air. You have to deal with tensions related to the management of stewardship or your activity. Take a step back rather than wasting the energy you will need to get what you have been denied when you were looking to get strong. Bet on your hidden resources and eroticism in nuances to seduce on the 18th and the 29th. We will not know how to refuse you anything.

3rd decan (August 14th - August 22nd): Meh!

At the start of the month, you are slowed down. You run into a temporarily unavoidable adversity. Avoid forcing things and wait until the end of the month for Venus to reconnect you with more tender subjects. In short, withdraw from the game to assess your situation.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Venus remains in the shadow of your sign from August 7th to September 6th: little passion but an opportunity for reflection that is essential to identify your priorities in love and review what meets your expectations.

Leo: The thread of the month for August 2020

The First Week,

The 1st, you brood over dark ideas. Don't think people resent you or that everything is working to your disadvantage. The 2nd, you lack nothing to defend your vision of the world, your activity, and of your place in society. But be polite so as not to worry those around you who find your messages aggressive. The 3rd, the Full Moon invites you to take a step towards the other because if a relative withdrawal favors reflection, it does not mean cutting yourself off from the world and others. The 4th, your ambitions are legitimate, but the way you present them doesn't sit well with those who feel like you want everything right away.

The Second Week,

The 10th, your arguments make an impression, but not for the right reasons. By dint of perishing and claiming your rights, you end up bored. The 13th, watch out for the enemies that stand in your way if you do not spare anything or anyone. Revise your aim and nuance your messages. The 16th, use your energy and your influence to serve your ambitions. It is through your personal merits that you shine, not by constraining those around you.

The Third Week,

The 17th, arguments hit home and serve your interests. Now is the time to strike hard and carry your ambitions with the chance to be heard. The 18th, sweet words whispered in the secret of the bedroom and secret stories to savor. Or you use your charm to influence your hierarchy and relay your daring projects that may please. The 19th, the New Moon highlights you. Know how to shine without blinding.

The Fourth Week,

The 24th, if you don't want to hit a wall, don't provoke anyone. The 25th, you refine your strategies behind the scenes to assert your aspirations to stand out. Take it easy... The 27th, your discreet charm affects those around you who are tempted to believe you and follow you, even across borders. The 29th, negotiations allow you to release the funds you need to carry out your activities. You get a promotion by deploying the palette of your talents. The 30th, you are unable to carry out operations freely. B patient. Study what is disrupting your progress and learn from it. Enough to allow you to lift the blockages.

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