Leo's horoscope for April 2023

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for April 2023

Your ambitions are at their peak, and Jupiter will allow you to make them a reality from May onwards. In the meantime, prepare the ground and lay the groundwork for your future successes. You are transforming your approach to each other, and what you have in common is being restructured. Use your influence to defend your cause and steer events to your advantage.

Leo: Mood for April 2023

Rather determined to defend your rights, your values and an apparent desire to break with certain attitudes and habits of the past which ended up locking you up and curbing your impulses? You will not fail to discover yourself by a thread, even if it means ignoring the famous adage that urges you to do the opposite and that you do not care about.

Leo: Love for April 2023

You are more concerned with managing your day-to-day affairs than surrendering yourself to the dizziness of love. You are focused on your goals and have little time for others, even though Venus invites you to give your precious time to your own.

In a Relationship: you'll need to be relentless in your efforts to optimize your chances of making a difference at work. However, try to be present with loved ones who appreciate your care.

Single: Venus favours the cordial understanding between you and your loved ones between the 19th and the 28th. You may be obsessed with certain actions to be carried out to be noticed by your hierarchy and take the time to love.

Leo: Money for April 2023

More than funding to define, redefine and establish your priorities, you need air, oxygen and audacity to direct your destiny in the right direction, that of newfound freedom and autonomy.

Leo: Work for April 2023

You aspire to stand out from the crowd to assert your originality and your need to work at your own pace, even to your liking. If discussions get bogged down from the 21st, you will continue pleading your case with your superiors.

Leo: Leisure for April 2023

You want to push back some of the past limitations preventing you from expressing who you have become. Focus on an activity that will help you channel your power to accomplish what you want to do.

Leo: Key dates for April 2023

-The 3rd: Be careful not to provoke the other person by monopolizing time or leading them down slippery paths. In fact, you should keep the dialogue open rather than trying to dominate the debate.

-The 7th: your charm works everywhere and lets you put your destiny on the right track. Those that allow you to evolve without causing too much commotion or controversy and to push your limits.

-The 11th: focus on a project likely to please your partner. You can collaborate with others in good understanding, even in osmosis. Your aspiration to bring the other person into your world will evolve your relationship.

-The 14th: avoid any attempt to manipulate the other emotionally. Your strategies will only blur the frequency and aggravate underlying conflicts of interest.

-The 29th: by waving the right levers in the shadows, by deploying your energy without fanfare but no less effectively, you have the opportunity to assert your difference, your originality of tone and your ideas that are out of the ordinary.

Leo: Advice for April 2023

April is a month that urges you to let go of everything that may have previously grounded you too much for your taste. This need concerns your active life first and foremost, so focus on the actions you need to take to break your chains.

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