Cancer's horoscope for April 2023

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for April 2023

The lines are moving professionally and socially. Your destiny is beginning to change. Do not try to control events but prefer to follow the movement. Determined to assert yourself, take the time and the necessary distance to channel your emotions and avoid having them dominate you.

Cancer: Mood for April 2023

You are determined to change your path or life, take risks, and renew your spirit of adventure and fighting energy. No question of dozing off, of getting discouraged, but of continuing to chart the course.

Cancer: Love for April 2023

You tend to dream and live love stories in your head rather than launch into great declarations or wild adventures. You are too mobilized by elaboration and implementing a project that's out of the ordinary. You will be reassured more in business than love.

In a Relationship: expect to make only a few sparks fly in love this month when you have too much to do elsewhere to invest yourself on a personal level. Explain to your partner that you are working hard to spice up your future and theirs.

Single: you are more inclined to redouble your zeal and daring to try to open the future to your liking than to put yourself without delay in search of the rare pearl. If one does not prevent the other, Venus invites you more to reflect than action.

Cancer: Money for April 2023

It is not a question of money or financing that is likely to discourage you. You defend your interests if certain negotiations are slowing down (from the 21st).

Cancer: Work for April 2023

You are working this month. You have a daring project on your mind, or you have implemented it. Negotiations concerning the smooth running of operations run out of steam from the 21st. But you can still persevere.

Cancer: Leisure for April 2023

You have an almost unlimited amount of energy that you use wisely to carry out a project that is important to you. If you still have a few cartridges left to burn, try an experience that changes.

Cancer: Key dates for April 2023

-The 3rd: Avoid opposing a movement that aims to transform your world and shake up your reference points. Instead, look at what is coming as an experience rather than trying to control everything mentally.

-The 7th: a love inspires you or a meeting promises. You explore love and express your desire for the ideal.

-The 11th: your emotions accompany a great movement that pushes you to break with the past. You connect with who you have become over time, with opportunities to shine in society and at work.

-The 14th: frustration, the impression that your emotions are restricted by the need to assume moral responsibilities that keep you from accessing pleasure and delight. Accept this without getting too depressed.

-The 29th: despite possible delays in starting up (since the 21st), you will not give up. You will pursue the realization of your audacious projects with determination.

Cancer: Advice for April 2023

This is a month when you want to progress and open up new perspectives to give a new direction to your life. Don't give up if delays are holding you back from the 21st onwards.

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