Taurus's horoscope for April 2022

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for April 2022

Take time to fine-tune your plans before launching a new expansion cycle starting on the 20th. You can count on Jupiter since late December 2021 to make plans and see them through. You do not lack the determination to achieve what is important to you in love or business. You lay the groundwork for a better future, in line with what inspires you now.

Taurus: Mood for April 2022

You are charming, and then your initiatives take a more offensive turn. This alternation helps you to make an impression. Whatever the case, you get your messages across, and they are received loud and clear. You surf with pleasure on waves that accompany your journey! You have the opportunity to free yourself from the past, from what was preventing you from expressing yourself. Everything is going well, and you are energized by the opportunities opening up to you. Count on a good situation to launch a new expansion cycle in full possession of your means.

Taurus: Love for April 2022

You are projecting yourself into the future in ways that appeal to you, and you are using your charm to rally support for your tender plans. From the 20th onwards, it is time to take a step forward, to take on new challenges. You take the time to reflect on acting with full knowledge of the facts. You aspire to renew your world, to emancipate yourself from old ways of functioning. Aspirations whose realization seems to be favored and an ideal are within reach, and within your heart, everything becomes possible. Especially the best.

Taurus: Money for April 2022

If your plans concern the future of your finances, you will use convincing arguments to get things done. More than material benefits, it is your ability to express yourself freely that counts. To enrich yourself, this perspective proves compatible with your thirst to emancipate yourself from everything and everyone. What matters to you is to open up the future according to plans that inspire you. You mobilize yourself to reach your objectives which concern an ideal of life to achieve rather than a treasure to constitute. Even if one does not prevent the other.

Taurus: Work for April 2022

If new opportunities for professional growth have arisen, you will wait until the 20th to take action. Mars reinforces your will to change things and to convince your interlocutors. Take advantage of the energies of April to express your expectations differently. You are heard, and your wishes are fulfilled. You are delighted with these prospects, as they broaden your horizons in a significant way. If the month begins on a slow note, you will take the reins and make a dream come true.

Taurus: Leisure for April 2022

You participate in group activities. Don't stand apart, whether it's kicking a ball around or practicing yoga. You have fun connecting with others, and Uranus encourages you to try something else. This activity frees you from your chains and limitations... Bungee jumping? You spend your time soaring in the high spheres, and you connect with a project that invites you to push back the boundaries of possibility. To stay grounded, choose an activity that will anchor you (jogging, pottery).

Taurus: Key dates for April 2022

- On the 5th, are you determined to force the passage or restart a process that has come to a standstill? Go for it!
- On the 12th, a field of possibilities opens up and puts you in touch with perspectives that inspire you.
- On the 18th, you have no trouble convincing those around you that your aspirations are legitimate.
- On the 27th, an ideal project fulfills you, a dream takes shape, everything works together to make you happy.
- On the 30th, the day fulfills your wishes in love or business. You have only assets in your game.

Taurus: Advice for April 2022

Rely on collaboration, even mutual aid, to achieve what you hold dear. Move from dream to reality and from projects to their realization by breaking bonds! Project yourself into a future in line with your quest for independence. Don't hesitate to communicate gently about your intentions with those who love you. April offers you great opportunities to blossom through a project that opens up perspectives, believes in your dreams, and in your ability to achieve them.

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