Capricorn's horoscope for April 2022

Written by Daisy

Capricorn: Astral Climate for April 2022

Until the 20th, you will be mobilized by the stewardship or loved ones who demand your attention. Take advantage of a favorable astral conjuncture to communicate with all the chances of listening to. You will be able to get your messages across smoothly. You will rally the support around proposals that will seduce those around you.

Capricorn: Mood for April 2022

You get things done. Sometimes seductive, sometimes willful, you get your message across. You have the talent and power to convince. Rather fanciful, daring, and a bit provocative, your attitude seems to offend no one. Rely on your desire to overthrow the codes to surprise and seduce, on your offensive energy to make things happen. Then count on your irresistible charm to convince and bewitch anyone you want.

Capricorn: Love for April 2022

You are the unanimous choice of those close to you who appreciate that you do not pressure them. If Venus predisposes you to remain amicable between the 5th and the 14th, be careful from the 15th onwards as Mars encourages you to raise your voice. From the 20th onwards, count on your charisma to seduce anyone you want. Your attention is focused on your family, who are under your spell. Play on your radiance to surprise in love and seduce. Your vision of the world expands, and your life takes another direction. Your contacts with those around you are enriched and turn into almost telepathic communication. The atmosphere is conducive to the fusion of souls and hearts confirmed at the end of the month.

Capricorn: Money for April 2022

Suppose you have to negotiate, defend your interests. In that case, your stamina and determination will work wonders in dealings with those who hold power and money. You are more searching for recognition (of your talents, of your power of seduction) than eager for cash. You spend most of your time getting noticed rather than making a fortune. You will be fighting hard to restart a stalled process at the beginning of the month. This is the time to mobilize to assert your rights and claim the reward for your talents and merits.

Capricorn: Work for April 2022

A diplomatic communication allows you to mark between the 5th and the 14th. Then count on Mars to convince your interlocutors, not to coerce them. From the 20th onwards, a creative surge allows you to get noticed. You show your desire to renew your methods and express your originality. Your interlocutors will become your admirers. At the beginning of the month, you will take the lead in defending your interests and reviving business deals or negotiations that have been dragging on. Rely on inspired communication to influence your audience and get everyone to agree.

Capricorn: Leisure for April 2022

From the 20th onwards, the Sun is in the entertainment business, a good time for your personal development. Take advantage of this festive period to go out, have fun, seduce and fully enjoy the present moment. Everything becomes entertainment. You take pleasure in breaking the codes and trying something different, whether in love or business. Take up your pen if you are attracted to writing (poetry in particular). If not? You spend a lot of time dreaming and charming. The sky lends itself to journeys of the mind and the heart.

Capricorn: Key dates for April 2022

-On the 5th, if you were struggling to unblock a financial situation, your determination will revive the exchanges.
-On the 12th, count on inspired communication to make others want to believe you and follow you.
-On the 18th, love is in the air, and you will seduce people.
-On the 27th, declarations reach their target, and a romantic state of mind allows you to touch hearts.
-On the 30th, your creativity allows you to attract the attention of those you like.

Capricorn: Advice for April 2022

April favors communication, daring to cross the limits that restrict you and prevent you from expressing yourself freely. Count on a conjuncture that will support your daring advances. This month you will benefit from a clear sky to blossom your exchanges and to a communication sublimated by the elements. You will be able to bewitch your entourage and raise the level of debate considerably.

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