Sagittarius's horoscope for April 2021

Written by Daisy

An active, dynamic month that isn't too affected by a molten cosmos. Let's take the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a new life. Move forward and take initiatives without fearing the sanctions of a sky that keeps us under pressure. Now is the opportunity to breathe more comfortably and finally surf in milder weather. Let's spread our wings and discover ourselves without further delay.

Sagittarius: Love horoscope for April 2021

Love: It's Springtime!

Until the 14th, Venus increases your desire to love and reinforces your sensuality. Enough to warm up the atmosphere. From the 14th, you put yourself at the service of others to manage the stewardship. We're counting on you, Sagittarius, and on your willingness to look after the well-being of each and every one of us.

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): The Atmosphere Gradually Warms Up!

Saturn ceases to weigh on your communication and Uranus ceases to make a mess of your existence. Take advantage of this cosmic truce to better manage your daily life. Venus exalts your desire to take care of everyone from the 14th, followed closely by the Sun which, from the 19th, reinforces the trend.

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): Take Kid Gloves!

To convince the other to follow you, count on your charm. It reinforces your arguments. Your eloquence marks minds and persuades others that your commitments are serious (the 10th). At the end of the month, don't short-circuit your recent success by showing your desire to break with things that are stifling you. Even if your expectations are legitimate, they don't reassure your loved ones who are holding you accountable.

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): Anything is Possible in April, or Almost!

The current passes and your charm melts your partner or crush(the 10th). Don't abuse your authority to force your entourage to adopt your vision of the world. Otherwise, you risk generating misunderstandings. You aspire to pamper those you love but don't go over your budget. If you remain cautious, you will get everyone to agree and, thanks to a good, clear smell, you will make everyone want to walk with you (on the 13th, 15th, and 17th).

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Charm to spare and the desire to be of service to others. Rely on your goodwill to make your loved ones and yourself happy without forcing anyone's hand to achieve your goals.

Sagittarius: The thread of the month for April 2021

The first week,

On the 2nd, you discuss with your relatives to improve your living conditions. Investing or spending your money, listen to their advice before making an important decision. On the 6th, you entice the other person to agree to your requests. Count on your charm to get what you want without putting pressure on the other person. On the 9th, as a family, don't generate misunderstandings by imposing your point of view. Otherwise, you risk arousing mistrust. On the 10th, your arguments convince those around you that your projects and commitments are based on solid ground. Euphoric, enthusiastic, and creative, count on your seduction to rally the votes and make everyone love you.

The second week,

On the 12th, the New Moon invites you to seduce and express your creativity. Now is the opportunity to shine, but don't overdo it. On the 13th, sure of yourself, you praise your merits and impose (successfully) your point of view. On the 15th, charismatic, attractive, and open-minded, you win the vote and captivate people who become admirers. On the 16th, don't be too greedy! Otherwise, we could find you too demanding or even boastful. On the 17th, your undeniable energy and authority supported by indisputable talents will allow you to make an impression.

The third week,

On the 19th, you have no shortage of arguments to impress your audience. On the 23rd, if you want to change your habits, break with a routine that depresses you, make the change smoothly and with the passage of time. On the 24th, nervous and a little stressed, you try to convince people to let you do as you please. Don't put pressure on those around you to get what you want or you could hurt people's feelings. On the 25th, don't try to charm those who don't appreciate your desire for independence. This method could only serve to turn them off.

The fourth week,

On the 27th, the Full Moon recommends that you take a step back from the world to reflect on the means and strategies to achieve your goals. On the 30th, it is by cooperating and discussing with your loved ones that you will maintain harmony and clear up any misunderstandings.

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