Virgo's horoscope for April 2020

Written by Daisy

You will have opportunities to express your personality and creativity or launch a new cycle of expansion after a challenge. You want to discover yourself, but you do not necessarily know how to do so. This month is rich in events and celestial movements. It is in your interest to calmly approach this month to take advantage of the state of affairs without abusing it. Otherwise, you risk paying the price.

Virgo: Love horoscope for April 2020

Love: You Manage Your Charm!

Venus occupies your professional destiny, and your power of seduction is used to express your creativity at work. Maybe you take advantage of your aura to bewitch someone. But nothing is won in advance, Virgo, and you wonder about your choices. Take your emotional inclinations into account.

1st decan (August 23rd - September 3rd): Blah!

Uranus fuels your thirst to free yourself from habits that are contrary to your needs. Venus smooths things over so you can communicate effortlessly. But on the 7th, it will be difficult to avoid a crisis. Use your negotiation skills and strategy to appease this electric routine. In a Relationship, you comply with what is expected of you. Still, you risk losing patience if your expectations are not met. This state of affairs blocks the realization of your desires. Single, bet on a reasoned attitude to communicate constructively. Even if you do not avoid moments of aggressiveness, which generate tensions. Your emotional or social ambitions come up against a temporary wall.

2nd decan (September 4th - September 13th): Good Vibrations!

Venus allows you to extend your influence to an entourage who is under your spell. Take this opportunity to seduce on all terrains and demonstrate your discreet authority daily. In a Relationship, nothing spoils your exchanges with your partner. You use your seduction to strengthen your popularity at work and act as you please. Every day, you're steering in the right direction. Single, you have a sensitive and appreciated approach to those around you. You can seduce whoever you want. Take this opportunity to direct the operations in love or elsewhere.

3rd decan (September 14th - September 22nd): Don't Waste Your Chances!

You climb the ladder in love. You rekindle the flame, or you meet someone memorable. It's time to communicate and make yourself understood with all the chances of achieving it. Do not manipulate anyone's feelings. It could suggest that your problems are not solved. In a Relationship, the meeting between Jupiter and Pluto helps you breathe new life into your love affairs. Take the opportunity to excite the debates. But do not try to strengthen a grip that does not please your partner. Single, you could be overwhelmed by an exhilarating encounter. But don't repeat mistakes from the past. You risk putting the other on the defensive.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Use your power of seduction to extend your influence. But don't try to dominate anyone.

Virgo: The thread of the month for April 2020

The First Week,

The 4th, you have no trouble rallying the votes around your proposals. Your charm operates, and you manage events without causing the slightest blockage. The 5th, creativity drives you. Powerful energies help you climb the ladder in business or love. The 7th, avoid raising your voice, at the risk of causing conflicts that are difficult to calm. Make room for dialogue and communication. The 8th, your popularity skyrockets and promotes your development. The full Moon invites you to harness your talents and claim the right reward. The 11th, you have work to do. Bet on your business sense and strategy to cope.

The Second Week,

The 14th, you have powerful energies, but this is not a reason to manipulate an entourage who will not appreciate it. The 15th, opportunities to assert yourself but the possibility of slipping. Don't sabotage your chances. The 18th, you use your sense of strategy and your charm to boost your popularity. The 19th, smart and on the offensive, you are moving in the right direction.

The Third Week,

The 21st, Saturn puts you face to face with responsibilities that exhaust you, but honor them, so you don't end the month disowned and frustrated. The 23rd, the new Moon invites you to assert your ambitions and broaden your horizons. Follow its recommendations without using force. The 25th, stop the pressure you exert on others, it will get you into trouble. The 26th, your power of seduction helps you. But if you do too much, you will act in a counterproductive way.

The Fourth Week,

, The 28th, communication collapses. Continue to act without getting discouraged rather than sulking and ending the month frustrated.

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