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Written by Alison

In astrology, David takes you to the 4 corners of this complex discipline. He is interested in the signs of the zodiac, the influence of planets, the rhythm of the seasons, the many symbols that mark this exciting adventure.

In simple terms, he explains the sky and its light or secret influences, with humor, poetry, but above all excellent sources, he walks you along the celestial waves, takes you into ancient mythologies or avant-garde concepts.
Always at the forefront of the news, David constantly revisits the planetary notions, signs of the zodiac and inventories the methods that exist to better interpret this ancient science as the world...

Astrological houses of your sky chart!

The house 2 in your sky chart is in analogy with the sign of Taurus and it represents your relation to the material goods, your capacities of acquisition, the money gained by your profitability, your possibilities of gains but not only: the House 2 is also related to your gifts or achievements, in other words, the value you have of yourself, and as this value is most often rewarded in our hard cash way, you are rewarded for your specific talents. If you have planets in this house, money does not necessarily count (even if it's a high probability); it may be a desire for material security. On the other hand, since this Earth House evokes the energy of Taurus, we often find people who like to recharge their batteries in contact with nature. If you do not have planets in this House, it means that the material aspects are not a major subject of concern. Written by David

The great trigon: great talents!

The large trigon consists of three planets separated from each other by 120°, so they are three trigons forming a large triangle, and the signs involved are, therefore, the same element. This configuration often induces luck in the element concerned (fire, earth, air or water), a lot of motivation, opportunities, and talent. It is a source of creativity and self-esteem. The squares or oppositions are attenuated by the great trigon, which sometimes generates providential help during trials. Written by David

The house: take your life in your own hands!

The house is built on a trapeze completed by two sextiles and two quincunxes. The house encourages these natives to be the actor in their own life by using the two sextiles. The focus planet where the two sextiles meet transmits the energy necessary for the configuration. It is essential to observe the transits on this focus planet to determine when the best decisions can be made. Written by David

Astrology in the Modern World

Astrology, a millennia-old discipline, has found a decidedly modern place in our contemporary society. Once considered mystical and esoteric, it has now captivated a broad and diverse audience, in part thanks to the digital age. Social media plays a crucial role in popularizing astrology. Online horoscopes, astrological apps, and astrology influencers on social media platforms attract millions of people seeking astrological information and guidance.
In an increasingly complex world, astrology offers comfort and perspective. It can be used to better understand collective trends, global events, and even politics. More and more people consult professional astrologers for guidance in their personal lives, relationships, and career choices. Modern astrology is a fusion of tradition and technology, providing answers to timeless questions in a contemporary context. It continues to evolve to reflect changing societal needs and interests while maintaining its ability to connect us to a mysterious and infinite universe.
Written by Zagon

The effects of the Cosmic Cross according to your element!

The effects of the Cosmic Cross according to your element! In the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), the cosmic cross causes the dispersion of energies and great agitation. These natives are over-confident and need to stabilize themselves in perseverance. In the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), the cosmic cross causes inertia and frustrations from their stubbornness and source of inhibitions. In mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), these natives are too scattered and influenced too much by others. They must firmly choose a path and stick to it. However, they have excellent communication skills. Written by David

The Ascendant in Astrology

When it comes to astrology, most people initially think of their sun sign (based on their date of birth), but there is often an overlooked yet essential aspect of astrology: the rising sign or ascendant. The ascendant is the sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of your birth. This planetary position gives a unique color to your personality and how you interact with the world. Your ascendant reveals how others perceive you. It influences your physical appearance, social behavior, and even your fashion style. Beyond appearance, it also affects how you respond to situations, your career preferences, and your approach to relationships.
Written by Zagon

Earth, fire, water and air...

Do you find that the wind is blowing a bit too much these days? What if we start to feel the air in a different way to change our view of this fluid of the atmosphere? For example, in the Eastern tradition, the vital energy of the cosmos is carried into the air and this creative breath is called prana in Sanskrit, shi in Chinese and ki in Japanese. Closer to home, in the West, the wind is personified by angel heads blowing. And Pegasus, the winged horse of Bellerophon, a symbol of poetic inspiration, is associated with the world of air where the terrestrial stresses evaporate. The sylph is a spirit of the air that communicates with the world of the gods. In astrology, Aquarius, a sign of fixed air, symbolizes air in its universality; Gemini, a sign of mutable air, privileges the world of ideas at the expense of emotions; Libra, a cardinal sign, favors the exercise of ideas but its concern for balance allows it to find a middle ground between rationality and a sensible intuition. Written by David

All about your House 12

The House 12 is the last house of the zodiacal circle, in the shadow of the Ascendant; it symbolizes the withdrawal, the exile, the management of trials and secrets. If your sun is in house 12, you are looking for moments of loneliness and you tend to hide your personality to protect yourself from the outside world. If it is Mars who occupies this house, your activities are rather discreet or take place in closed places (hospital, prison...). It has also been found that often the moon in house 12 indicates a sad or lonely childhood. If no planet occupies this house, the sign where it begins indicates how you live and manage the hardships in your life. With House 12 in Taurus, for example, you face the tests with realism and you live very bad financial or emotional losses. In Virgo, you fight the problems by the objective analysis of the situations; in Aquarius, you are able to upset your life to make it more fulfilling. Quickly discover the secrets of your house 12! Written by David

Your First House

House I in your sky chart is that of your ascendant: it represents your social identity, your reactions, your temperament on the boards of the theater of the external life: this is what we perceive of you in society; that is why it is also associated with the body, the very one who puts himself into representation in action. This House is in analogy with the sign of Aries whose energy is fire and any planet that is present in this sector impacts your personality singularly. Your expression will be changed depending on whether you have the moon, for example, which will make you more sensitive, more receptive to the atmosphere, even emotional or fragile or even sometimes a little immature. If you have Mercury, it will emphasize your mental curiosity, your propensity to exchange and a way to differentiate yourself intellectually. Take a look at your birth chart to discover the possible planets. Written by David

House VI in your sky chart

House VI in your birth chart is analogous to the sign of Virgo; if planets are there, it will have its importance in your existence. The VI house is related to the professional activity in the daily sense of the term, the prevailing climate; the constraints that are attached to it but also the weak points in health. It is also linked more generally to living conditions and everyday life. It teaches us how to demonstrate a form of humility through the spirit of service, fulfilling our duties and thereby accepting our psychological, physical, and other limitations. For example, if you have the Saturn structuring in this area, you will learn to take responsibility, to support yourself from your own foundations and you will be required to demonstrate tenacity and organization in your daily or professional life. Written by David

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