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You've just met the person that seems to match all your criteria. Your heart is beating out of your chest, your eyes are sparkling, your emotions are through the roof. You don't know much about him, but one thing is certain, you like them! Questions are running through your mind. Will this meeting lead to a real, true romance? What attitude do you need to have to make them yours? From the first tete-a-tete to announcing your feelings, put all your assets to use to seduce your partner by remembering what signs you both are. Are you ready to take action?. We will find out together what is the best approach for each sign.


Be inventive and surprise them! Aries is passionate, thinks they're the center of the universe, and love to know how important they are to their partner. So, don't be hesitant, act quickly. Don't hesitate to pull out all the stops right from the start. Be bold and show them that you are sure of yourself. Take interest in the other - this will flatter their egotistical side. Speak with humor and energy. Aries likes people that can give them a mental challenge, so use all your intellect and jump into deep discussion. Aries hates routine and boredom. Suggest original, somewhat bizarre outings over just a dinner and a movie. Don't reveal your whole personality on the first date. Keep some of the mystery for later so that you can stun them and make them need you.


Carnal and sensual, Taurus is a huge romantic who needs a stable relationship. They don't take commitment lightly. So, you will need to make sure not to rush them, and especially not to trick them. Be honest from the start and wisely surround them with well-being, sweetness, and tenderness. Taurus has very good taste and appreciates beauty in all its forms. Don't be extravagant, pay attention to your looks, and show refinement as much in your clothes as in your words. They particularly enjoys peaceful atmospheres. Organize one-on-one nights out in cozy places. Invite them on a weekend in the countryside. Learn how, just like Taurus, to appreciate life's pleasures. To impress and move them, step in front of the stove and whip up some good eats. Taurus is very reserved and has trouble revealing their feelings. So, don't hesitate to take the first step.


Gemini is a great seducer who loves to communicate. So, don't be timid, pique their interest, and jump into deep discussions. Have a quick wit. Gemini is curious about everything and loves to be on the move. Show you have the drive and originality to drag them along on nights out and show them new horizons. Take your Gemini out to a concert, on a discovery of a new exposition. Organize a bizarre outing and invite them to a party. Be inventive, enterprising, and awaken their curiosity. Be overflowing with enthusiasm and imagination to get pull them out of the routine they fear so much. Your ingenious side will please them greatly. In the face of Gemini's troubles with making decisions and their ever-changing character, be comforting and affectionate, but don't smother. Gemini needs to feel loved and enveloped. Get used to them having numerous friends and welcome them in by organizing surprise parties where Gemini can be the king of the party.


Cancer is an archaic, sentimental, and sensitive partner who loves long-term relationships. Rather reserved, they rarely make the first move. So, you will have to be enterprising, yet without rushing them. For Cancer to trust you, be patient and sincere from the get-go. There's no use trying to push matters through by force or trying to impress them. You will only manage to get close and understand them if you take the time to do it tactuflly and with finesse. Be courteous and thoughtful. Cancer is attracted small shows of affection and won't think twice about offering her partner a nice bouquet of flowers or a small gift on their first date. Not very talkative or showy, Cancer is very attached to the past. So, during your discussions, don't hesitate to bring up memories and arouse their interest. To give them a surprise, be original and invite them to a strange place, like an alternative café or a Japanese restaurant.


A big seducer with an overdevelopped ego, Leo loves to be admired and is aware of the effect he induces. Don't be impressed. Play his game: be confident and enthusiastic. Flatter his ego and don't be stingy with compliments. He attaches great importance to physical appearances, so try to stand out, though without being too extravagant. Leos love to have fun and need to be constantly surprised. Be funny and have a sense of humor. Suggest trying new experiences or offer him a really original gift. To score some brownie points, take interest in his many hobbies and friends, and acquire a taste for adventure. Dare to reveal your feelings and desires. Whatever you might do, you'll have to really impress him if you want to win him over!


Sensitive, affectionate, discreet and reserved, Virgo can be careful and modest in love. You will have to approach them, then, extremely tactfully and use your finesse and patience to court them. Virgo is timid and unsure of their powers of seduction. So, it will be up to you to make the first move, but without rushing things too much. Virgo is stuck in their habits and hates surprises. It's useless then to entertain crazy ideas or try to impress them. On the other hand, know how to adapt to their daily life, be more protective and kind, and you will win their trust, little by little. To seduce Virgo, take an interest in their favorite pastimes, get your intellect working, and invite them to a concert, a bookstore, or out to take in some culture - they'll love it! For Virgo, a flawless appearance is vital. So, take care of how you look, but practice restraint in this area.


This sign is in love with love and can't stand being alone. Tender, loving, and deeply romantic, Libra loves every step in the seduction process. To charm them, be delicate, show them your attention, and know how to guess their desires. Libra appreciates determined people, so don't be too indecisive and don't be afraid to show them your feelings. Make sure to show moderation all the while, though. Don't hesitate to pull out all the stops and use your powers of seduction wisely. Libra has a strong eye for the esthetic. To make them go crazy, work on your look and favor one-on-one dates in peaceful, harmonious places. When out on a date, suggest discovering a new, cool place, an original exposition, or a dinner at their favorite restaurant, or invite them on a weekend in an out-of-the-way place. To get all the luck on your side, be affectionate, romantic and sentimental, and know how to move them.


Scorpio is an emotional idealist who is never lukewarm in a relationship. To seduce them, you will have to let them keep their mysterious side and not try to learn every little thing about them. And so, it would be better to find out what things you have in common by starting off talking about yourself and your interests. You will, though, have to find the right balance so that you don't end up revealing everything about yourself all at once and can hold onto some of your own mystery so that Scorpio can find out about you little by little. To gain their trust, be open, honest, and show that you have a personality. Scorpio loves strong emotion. So, don't hesitate to try out a unique experience together, such as going parachuting or hiking in beautiful country. To really get to a Scorpio, don't be afraid to reveal your feelings and show them that you're just as passionate as they are.


Generous and warm, Sagittarius never plays with other's emotions and loves stable relationships. Full of life, they love to laugh and have a good time with others, so show your sense of humor, be upbeat and energetic. Show that you are comfortable in your own skin and be ready to play a little cat-and-mouse to really get them going. Sagittarius enjoys intellectual challenges, so take an interest in their interests and start up a conversation on a topic you both care about passionately. They hate routine and have a strong taste for adventure, so be overflowing with ideas for original and fun nights out and talk to them about your dreams of far-off possibilities. Suggest a nice, fun weekend out, invite them to an exotic restaurant, or an ethnic music concert. To satisfy Sagittarius' romantic side, be sweet, pamper them, and shower them with little shows of affection. To really get them going, challenge them and show that you can be unpredictable!


Capricorn is reserved, introverted, and only shows their emotions after scrutinizing, analyzing, and pick and choosing among them. To seduce a Capricorn, you will first have to instill an atmosphere of trust by being patient and kind. Take initiative but without forcing them into anything. Capricorn, very sensitive to good natures and intelligence, greatly appreciates conversations about art, litterature, and music. Bring up topics that you're passionate about, too, and take an interest in their work and interests. Be willing to listen and slip some humor in every once in a while to get them to relax a little. Very much a homebody and not givent o fantasy, there's no point in inviting them out for a wild night. On the contrary, favor nights in together, just the two of you, for a peaceful dinner, far away from the hustle and bustle. It's up to you to use your finesse to create a beautiful bond.


Sociable, non-conformist, and charismatic, Aquarius loves their independence and cultivates paradox. So that you don't scare them off, don't move too quickly and try to avoid passionate expressions of love. To catch Aquarius' eye, you will have to stand out, be original, a tad excentric, and have a taste for adventure. In fact, Aquarius loves anyone and anything that leaves the beaten path. There is, then, no point in planning a boring night out. On the contrary, be inventive, witty, and blow them away with a date in an out-of-the-ordinary place or a getaway in a new place. Very attached to their group of friends, Aquarius will appreciate you learning to get along with them very quickly and introducing them to your own friend group. However you do it, to win them over be open-minded, witty, bold, and know how to stun.


Emotional, romantic, discreet, and intuitive, Pisces has trouble surrendering and trusting. So, it'll be up to you to take charge: be tender, attentive, and comforting. To charm Pisces, be open-minded, but don't overload them with questions. On the contrary, be patient, let them open up, and keep a bit of your mystery - be a little closed-off. For your first date, avoid noisy, people-filled places. Instead, opt for a peaceful, romantic place. Pisces appreciates creativity in any form, so invite them to a concert, art exposition, or a movie. To score some brownie points, start up a conversation about art or spirituality. To really make Pisces melt, be subtle and kind, create an intimate atmosphere, and show your sensitive side hiding within you.

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