Effect of the Sun on your sign !

Written by Daisy

Just like people, there are good and bad things about the sun. It's positive sides are its creativity and generosity; its negative are its egocentrism and selfishness. If you want to keep control over your brilliant and bright personality, don't upset its negative side.

Each sign is influenced by the sun depending on what House their sign is in, as each House has its own specific meaning. We can offer you here a comical overview of each to keep you loving life with the return of the sun, to take note of it and even possibly enjoy it!


This radiant star will put your back up against the wall in only the most positive way, imbuing you with invigorating energy from day to day. Despite the bad forecast, you will maintain your fiery attitude and have fun playing sports. Your egotism shifts to match whoever you're with, but, once night falls, you're all sunshine and roses with your sweetheart, the rays of heat bathing your body with warmth and vitality. Fruit juices and fish will give you back a little oomph. Everything is all energy and joy everywhere you look.
Astral sun advice: be natural, don't force it!


Your possessiveness will become more relaxed and lead the way to good work! The Sun will tan your skin with a wonderful aura of warmth! Lady luck will smile on your finances, stimulating your generous side. You'll pull your light, summer clothing out of your jam-packed wardrobe at the first sight of the sun's movement. You like enjoying a nice shrimp salad outdoors at a nice restaurant, soaking up the sun's vitamins. Une musique entrainante pendant votre repos de mi-journée et vous voilà de nouveau remis sur pied ! Once you're around other people, you turn into a bright and cheery person.
Astral sun advice: Entertain others with your sense of humor - but don't overdo it!


Your intellect is back in full swing, and you won't have to change up many of your habits to start off down this new track! The sun within you is a buzzing hub of activity, receiving and projecting information. You will use this new knowledge for your friends' sake. Your own abilities will shock you, and your sense of humor will leave some absolutely riveted. For a spring-time diet, try mixed greens salads for a splash of flavor and color! You'll browse through your wardrobe and after thinking it over, will come out in a joyful flower print and liven it up with a soft and sensual spritz of perfume.
Astral sun advice: Your intellect will make some surprising sparks fly!


The sunshine suits you well and stimulates your vitality, offering you various opportunities in each new relationship you build. You'll liven right up strolling along dimly lit side streets. Your activities will take more of a cultural, rather than sporty, turn. You still won't need to be asked twice, however, to join a good game of horseshoes. A pleasant atmosphere of laughter and signing will reign at home. You'll invite the Sun to your dinner table by covering it with a country-style tablecloth and eating paninis alongside fresh, green salads and sorbets, invoking the south of France and sandy, sunny beaches.
Astral sun advice: Move forward - by looking back.


Your personality shines on everyone and on every level: once the Sun starts moving in your direction, sparks will fly in a grand finale of success! Take your time, take it slow, and hold onto the warmth within you as much as possible. Your encounters with others will become more lively, more radiant. Your mood will perk up, become a little warmer, and your complexion will turn golden brown. Your spirit will grow keener, stirred to the heights of poetic elegance before such great beauty as this. Your diet will grow ever more exotic, spicy, piquant. Your next vacation will take you to mysterious and enticing locales...
Astral sun advice: Welcome home...


Your allure will soften with happiness and help you bust a couple moves on the dance floor. You can smell spring in the air: the trees are budding, birds singing, insects chirping! Your finicky side will soften up, allowing you to really let go and clown around with your friends! The joy within you will reanimate your finer traits. Now you'll be able to take a joke! You've got your mind set on a nice little trip to the countryside: mountains, homecooking, and maybe even a little moonshine...
Astral sun advice: You are filled with life and energy .


During this somewhat mixed and underwhelming month, what with a rather shy and timid Sun and frequent showers, the emphasis will be on maintaining your own reserved, yet charismatic, well-being. What you need is a nice lunch, some free time to stroll the avenues or quays, your hands in your pockets, and your face welcoming the fresh air, your thoughts far away... Now you'll know just what to do cook for your friends: moussaka with tzatziki and some ouzo to start. This will be a nice change from pizza or couscous from some far-away restaurant. Dress in white and stun your guests...
Astral sun advice: All you have to do is be original, be perceptive.


You who flirts with life and death, who vacillates between rebirth and great transformation, always going from one to the other extreme. The Sun will show you brand new discoveries, bring your more sensuality and a totally unbridled sex drive. Moderate your excess with drive and spirit! Choose black over white clothing, leaving red in the closet altogether. Keep that nice little touch of yellow or light green to give it an even nicer touch. Spring is here: long live watermelon, pineapple, kiwis, strawberries and avocados! Stick to raw veggies to stay healthy and happy!
Astral sun advice: Darkness will take your hand and lead you on a sensual waltz.


You need to take part in a physical activity, whether it's gardening, masonry, or cutting wood. Fiddle around and focus on the task at hand. You have an overflowing wellspring of emotion: turn it into a gentle means of healing yourself, allowing it to boost your heightened intuition, as well as your tender feelings of love. Your strong taste for dark colors will take you to mysterious places - maybe to the woods to hunt wild game... Will you find adventure wherever you go...? Yes, and joy, too!
Astral sun advice: Rest, relax, and recharge with the sun's rays caressing your skin!


You, who usually considers themselves to be rational and reasonable, will take off on a high-risk, athletic journey! Your goal is to totally outdo yourself, escaping your fears using your body as well as your mind. The sun will enliven and invigorate you with new energy and freshness. You will forge ahead to meet the future with the sure-fire comfort of an administrative job. You prefer night clubs over market places, shadow over light, one-night stands over a life-long love. Your youthful looks are sure to turn a few heads!
Astral sun advice: Let your dreams take over and give you strength!


You are highly gifted at adapting to any social scene and fitting in easily into any group, whether at work or at play. The Sun will encourage you to reach out to others, while keeping your private life, well, private! You will enjoy a renewed life force thanks to this luminous star to help you get your priorities straight: moving, getting a raise, or going on vacation! You like flashy looks, tight-fittign clothes, and eclectic dishes and frozen, sugary desserts. Your plans are between either renovating, or livening up, your home's interior, or going out with friends.
Astral sun advice: Long live time spent with friends outside and a peaceful home life with your partner!


Hello Sun, welcome! How long will you be staying to heat up my heart and my body? By asking this question, you save yourself from the monotony created by dullness and gloom around you. On the whole, you seek peace and calm to help you feel better about this world moving into darkness. You'll curl up by yourself to regain happiness and a joy for life, like you felt when you were in your twenties. Your sense of humor, biting or kind, depending on your character, will draw surprised stares from those who are shocked at your acidic, or sweet, panache. It's all for you: dancing, singing, summer foods, friendly games of cards, and, of course, naps - which you need so badly to stay in balance!
Astral sun advice: Think, observe, reflect, and act in total sincerity.

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