The 12 signs and the summer sales!

Written by Alison

To enjoy great shopping this summer, we provide you some tricks designed for each astrological sign with the aim of adopting a correct behavior style faced to that magnetic consumption. The item of our dreams is sure to be found at some clearance sale, but aren't we in the habit of too easily obeying the desires that are no longer ours, in front of this great diversity of products to choose? A little survey of zodiac tendencies is suggested for allowing you to see into this question and to start buying in a crafty style.


Get organized in your purchases
Don't lapse into complete improvisation since you are likely to head blindfold towards all kinds of shelves in a shop with the aim of buying at your desires' will, which could damage your consumer happiness. Better organization will do you a favor by making an inventory of what you possess and what you lack, whether it concerns your outfits, office or kitchen. In brief, more cunning in your actions will save you time and nobody loves always having more of it as much as you do.


Prefer a curvy line
Think of your body and shape and consider how those sales could allow you acquire a method to burn calories. Without making this an obsession, without becoming an addict of walking and of great steps, you might procure yourself some low price sports footwear together with a bracelet to keep record of meters and kilometers of your future sports exploits. You will not regret any of your choices when time comes to expose your body at the beach.


Blend the style
For making your way through this summer like a duck to water, buy useful and creative things. You might mix classic and eclectic, discover your own look by choosing the garments color range that combines the comfort of ample bohemian style and a smarter and more traditional look. In this range you will find the means to satisfy your freshness and your complete similarity. With your free-and-easy manners you are endowed with irresistible charm of the 70-ies which perfectly suits you.


Smart & simple
Profit from the sales to create a style that corresponds to your simplicity. Buying second hand or prowling around cool boutiques, you will pick up some sober textiles, jeans and a white T-shirt for instance, in order to show how skillful you are at the art of “less is more”. In summer, to your eyes, the more laidback it is, the more you conclude that this season is really made for dressing at your own taste. Thanks to your simplicity you know how to entertain people around you.


The cream of the cream
The future days at the beach will never be an alibi for neglecting your look: you are concerned with your appearance and this is not a secret. Procure some tanning cream that will withstand swimming and sand; in any way, with your flair you will spend too much time trying to wangle the most efficient and resistant one. You'll be able to stay on top of your style and in the best mood. You will even consider dressing in popular and acid colors for celebrating the summer.


Blend craftiness and prudence
Verify your bank account in advance before rushing to the sales and you'll feel more at ease when it comes to expenses. And if you wish to feel even more at ease in your mind, don't take your credit card, withdraw some cash which will help you make transactions in a more calibrated manner. Crafty tricks are your strong point and that is the reason why you are rarely out of financial security and are in good standing with your banker.


Pack your bag in a whiz
Sales are an occasion to satisfy your sober and exquisite elegance, however you will not escape your legendary doubts for making a choice between multiple styles of bathing suits or summer dresses. Therefore, plunge into picking out an XXL size suitcase for a reasonable price to cram it with all that you have allowed yourself to buy. Whatever the case, it may serve you again for the next sales period and why not incite you to go on holiday afresh.


One step ahead
You are certain to dodge more than the others as a week prior to the sales you'll go sniffing in your fave brands stores for identifying garments you might love. Thorough try-on at full speed when nobody is yet interested in shop stocks whereas you have already drawn up your list for coming back with the hope to find your items at bargain prices. Cunning and hard-headed, you know what you want like a resolute Scorpio who you are.


Looking up, prices down
Such is your nature: during the sales periods especially, you feel capable of negotiating anything, even the items already on sale. You have an attitude which consists in thinking that everything belongs to you and is assured to you in advance. After one or two collisions, instead of your morale undermined, you restart your assaults of shop shelves; and in order to swallow the bitter pill and accentuate your glance you'll make a raid on eye shadow that will but highlight your strong personality.


Identify your desires
These are summer sales all right, but you are not the type to let shop assistants pull the wool over your eyes, palaver or manipulate you; so you will invite an old friend, a bit of an image consultant, to stroll by your side so as to make it a worthy shopping. You will stay vigilant about everything a bit too expensive but you will also manage to make yourself pleased. You will renovate a part of your outfits but will stick to the classical image which is your style for all times.


Self-confident rebel look
These sales are just a stroke of luck as, in your mind, they will allow you to manifest a fresh style that has only been waiting for an opportunity to burst into blossom. You might fall on a 100% rock garment type with a pair of blue jeans torn here and there or a leather jacket that makes you look like Marlon Brando. In return, pay attention to your wallet that you tend to empty for filling up your suitcase which is just perfectly ready for setting the sails to any sea resort.


Flower power
Out of question to abandon your «peace and love» philosophy of existence, even if a consumption ambience springs up every six months on occasion of the sales. Flowers in your hair, ethnic bracelets and anything - you will find hippy accessories in a flea market or in those junk shops looking like the Ali Baba cave. This does not mean however that you will not remain elegant. In any case, thanks to your purchases you will feel much better in your barefoot style and will smile to the sun.

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