Vacation: prepare your suitcase

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Soon it will be summer and the desire to set sail takes us all! Whatever our destination, we will have to look at an ultra-essential topic: packing our bags. A puzzle or pleasure? It is according to our temperament. At the last minute or with a lot of thought, making a list is the key and that too is according to our personality. We only have to compare between friends to see how our zodiac sign affects this and to see that we are not all the same when it comes to this crucial question!


Her: We are not going to say that you directly transfer the stack of T-shirts, shorts, and sneakers from your wardrobe and that's it. But still! Aries is not just a walking caricature. What is certain is that the operation must go quickly and the bags must be practical. Even a big bag. Nevertheless, in the summer, you also have ideas in your head: a few small and colorful dresses will therefore be close to your active paraphernalia. And star-shaped sunglasses will complete the whole thing. When it comes to accessories, it's more like flippers, caps and dancing shoes!
Him: You are more sports bag than suitcase, so you will take care to take only wrinkle-free clothes. Pick the basics: jeans, t-shirt and sweatshirts so everything is seamless. Add, if you go to the sun, bermuda shorts, a t-shirt, flip flops, sunscreen, and sunglasses and you're ready! Do not forget your possible sports accessories if you have planned to do some physical activity: snowshoes, flippers or a surfboard to check off the list. If you are a reckless Aries, don't forget to take adequate insurance!


Her: Your suitcase, you've been grooming it for a while. No matter how heavy it is, at least you'll have everything you need inside to feel comfortable. Your mantra! In summer, we can find pretty sets of linen outfits that are a bit rustic, but also flowery prints, scarves for your fragile throat but ones that also allow you to use them in your hairstyles. You have a good arsenal of beauty products and organic sun creams, your favorite perfume in mini version. And more good books than gadgets or technology.
Him: Whatever you do, no matter where you stay, you always have that sense of comfort and well-being that is your hallmark. Your suitcase or bag is of excellent quality: strong and durable. You will take two or three peaceful days to assemble your most comfortable clothes, your favorite protective sunscreen, your favorite accessories, your eau de toilette and your personal hygiene products. Your foresight surely means luggage that is too voluminous and too heavy, but your serenity is worth the price...


Her:On vacation, almost nothing dresses you. Based on this observation, you take only the bare minimum, like an eternal teenager. T-shirts in shambles, preferably with a funny logo, and all that is getting dressed with jeans, if possible elegantly ripped. You complete the whole thing with a cap, acid-colored sunglasses, a mini-toilet bag and your flip-flops. You bet a lot on a braided basket that contains a ton of magazines, sweets, and a sarong for a casual outfit.
Him: Some Gemini do not like clutter and travel with their hands in their pockets. However, even the more moderate will feel the same impatience at the chore of packing. So, go to the basics, with common sense: t-shirt, jeans, Bermuda shorts, flip flops, jersey, sunscreen (yes!),Tinted glasses. If, like many Gemini, you tend to scatter everything, prepare your papers the day before: ID, drivers license, plane or train ticket, possibly your passport or any other useful document. And one or two books to avoid getting bored too quickly!


Her: When it comes to your suitcase, you dream before doing it. In summer, you often opt for white and lace. We find in your bags all kinds of romantic little blouses, embroidered and charming. Full of skirts with ruffles. Delicate sandals, which are more likely to take three steps between the terrace and the sea instead of exploring the hinterland. It's also the perfect time to immerse yourself in a massive novel: a beautiful classic story or a romance and you're ready.
Him: Once you have gathered the things you plan to pack, take a deep breath and consider your luggage with an objective eye: do we really need emergency socks in Marseille? Wouldn't an e-book be more rational than 11 novels? Cancer is an accumulator by nature: you will have to reason because due to this tendency of being afraid of the void you fill your bags to the brim ... So, choose a bag or a suitcase of reasonable proportions and carry nothing beyond what you need. Do not let your imagination wander, focus on the essentials.


Her: The suitcase ... uh? Only one? Wait, it's going to be impossible. Because it is about being outstanding in all circumstances. First, you need a dozen jerseys - a one piece, bikinis with ruffles or a fancy design for swimming. In this regard, you even have full beachwear: sarongs, kaftans, a beach bag, sandals, some sunglasses. Then, for the evening, a whole choice of dresses, ones that are very long and fly in the wind, or very short. In short, the list is long, very long ...
Him: Ideally, you probably dream that someone else takes care of your luggage, but, given your requirements, the task is not easy. For your holidays as for the rest, you want only the best and you will not bear the slightest crease in your beautiful shirt that, of course you must bring ... The luggage may multiply between the racket case, the embossed toiletry kit several pairs of shoes "just in case". Without exaggerating, however, wear something classy, but sober, that enhances you under any circumstances.


Her: Before attacking the mission of packing, you lay it down on paper. Or rather, you take out your printed checklist, follow it to the letter and improve it ... for the next time. Provocative to the extreme, there will be a complete pharmacy kit, sunscreens and aftersun included, hats, equipment against the rain, comfortable shoes. Not a note of frivolity? If, nevertheless, you also pack some dresses for your cultural visits.
Him: The Virgo is rarely surprised, it is a predicting and meticulous sign. Your problem may be there: neglecting no detail and your natural anxiety puts you, at risk of accumulating a lot of bags, kits, outfits for all circumstances and in all weathers. Come back to basics, take a step back, consider the destination and the climate and your common sense will do the rest: perfect luggage, nothing is missing, nothing too much! Tip: Make a list when you are calm and follow it when you are nervous.


Her: Packing your bag is an art in which you became a master. At once refined and precious, you pay a lot of attention to your undergarments, light as feathers but perfect for this season. You let them appear, sliding on a tanned shoulder. You wear mostly dresses and skirts, which you like swirling, in summer. You also have all kinds of scarves and shawls for elegant moments. A good stack of glamorous magazines, a sociological novel and there you go!
Him: For you, the container is as important as the contents: your bag or suitcase evokes exactly what you want: bobo-chic messenger bag with fringes, leather bag as big as a house or a practical and colorful suitcase, it does not matter: your expression passes through your luggage. Inside, everything to please: cool t-shirts, your sexiest jeans, a nice shirt just in case and skin protection products because you want to be sure to tan aesthetically! You manage to stay trendy in any outfit because your power of seduction depends on it.


Her: Your suitcase? But it's a secret! Concerned about intimacy, you do not like to expose it to the light of day, or even to speak about it. Inside it contains your favorite outfits, your weapons of mass seduction or your sarongs to better hide yourself, it is according to how you feel. Seductive, you can not resist taking a bustier and high-heeled sandals: you never know what can happen on a summer night. And if not, to shiver at the beach, some good mystery novels are essential!
Him: You pack your bags as you do most often: on instinct. You will not forget lotion against insect bites, an outfit that, like nothing, can transform you into Don Juan for one evening and, for the rest, your summer clothes, discreet or loud according to what you decide to make your vacation. All this will fit in an inviolable bag or suitcase because you are suspicious. Not very sensitive to new technologies, you will certainly take one or two exciting books!


Her: Your suitcase is easily recognizable among all others: it is the one with the most stickers from far away countries. Memories of exquisite travel, which are also found on your luxury backpack. Suffice to say that it's mostly jeans and dresses with ethnic charm and unusual jewelry found in your luggage. You never forget a new guide or your list of good plans, enough to think outside the box, once there.
Him: For a fighter of your kind, stuffing a few things in a backpack is a breeze that will take you 5 minutes! Shorts, jeans, two or three random t-shirts, sports accessories and a good backpacker's guide and you're ready. There is a good chance that you have forgotten something, but that does not bother you too much: holidays are made to rest and, for you, to rest, is to pass to other activities.


Her: Your suitcase is in your image: sober, with clothes aligned with great precision. For practical reasons, there are only neutral colors, such as beige and gray, for a mineral touch. No or few prints. You often wear sneakers or mountain shoes, just to go hiking. And finally, some good serious books, on politics or history, not to waste your time.
Him: You pack your bags carefully a day or two in advance so that you are not unpleasantly surprised by a last-minute forgetfulness. In your suitcase, especially basic, crease resistant and practical basics. You will still make the effort to add a more elegant outfit to deal with any eventuality. You will be reassured by a list to check before you leave: papers (passport, insurance),local guides, mosquito repellent and sunscreen because you have sensitive skin to any aggression and headgear so you can enjoy the sun without risking sunstroke!


Her: It is rather with just a bag on your back that you go on vacation. Why worry? We find everything on the spot, so it's useless to transport the entire house. Or you will borrow from your girl friends ... Nevertheless, apart from jeans, we often find beautiful high-tech equipment: camera, walkman, connected watch and e-reader: they are part of the lot. Or, some eccentric accessories, just to stand out from the crowd!
Him: Your baggage may be ragged, with no direct link, sometimes, to where you are going. Your favorite accessories may take precedence over the basics: Bermuda shorts or flippers, you can find them everywhere but your smartphone is state of the art ... Anyway, both your contents and your bags are just as eccentric because you never do anything like everyone else and you take care of all situations. However, do not forget your credit card and any train or plane tickets!


Her: Here comes the moment of the year that inspires you: that of the great escape. And your suitcase must reflect this quest for well-being. The clothes are vaporous, seductive, casual. You prefer water colors, sparkling jewelry, turquoise or coral, like marine treasures. And besides, swimsuits and beachwear occupy a big place in your suitcase!
Him: The holidays are made to decompress, but you will have one last bit of stress while packing because you have a lot of trouble putting your thoughts in order just like your suitcase. The best is still to get help from your other half, your mom or your best friend. They will quickly make you wear jeans, some t-shirts, flip-flops and provide a smartly stocked toiletry bag. Anyway, your happy character will settle for anything once you arrive at your destination!

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