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How to Manage Your Emotions While Using the Internet

Planets News

  Written by Alison

David is interested in planets! Accompany him in his discoveries! Venus changes sign, what impact will this passage have on your loves? Uranus becomes retrograde, what does it mean and what will be the consequences? We have just discovered a new planet, very similar to the earth, will we someday migrate into the cosmos? What is the real influence of the moon in our daily lives? Does the sun have other functions than to give life and warm us up? So many questions to which David has found an answer! Do not miss this encounter with the planets of our solar system and beyond: you will learn a lot of news and you will become unbeatable!

The planet of Mars

The planet of Mars

from David, the 01/04/2020

Mars symbolizes the will, the masculine part of a personality and the expression of physical desire in a sentimental relationship. Depending on the sign where it is, Mars makes it dynamic or aggressive, determined or impulsive, tenacious or impatient. Mars symbolizes the physical energy, the fighting spirit, the entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to act, the way to develop one's potential. It is also related to desire, vital impetus and aggression. It represents the ability to confront events and courage. Mars is symbolically connected to Aries.

Mars enters the sign of Virgo

Mars enters the sign of Virgo

from David, the 07/09/2019

Maybe Mars ideally enters Virgo for this return. The planet of action, ego and assertiveness is colored by the highly organized and hardworking qualities of Virgo. This Earth sign has a highly calculated, measured and productive tendency, hence generally effective methods that give very good results in the medium term. And since Virgo is pragmatic, the energy produced is not lost in uselessness or futility: the work is focused on the details and the sensitive points that will bear fruitful, profitable and fruitful effects. Of course, the other signs of Earth, Taurus and Capricorn will be favored in their projects and their energies to invest. Cancer and Scorpio will benefit from a form of facility to communicate while putting in place good action plans. Be careful though for Sagittarius and Gemini who may tend to overwork or get angry at an organization that does not suit them.

The planet of Pluto

The planet of Pluto

from David, the 21/08/2019

Pluto takes 248 years to go around the zodiac and remains around 20 years in each sign. It symbolizes the unconscious, the deepest and most secret drives of a human being. Pluto often has a bad reputation: symbolically associated with death; it is often misunderstood because this death is symbolic: Pluto destroys situations that have become obsolete to make room for a new life, a finally positive metamorphosis. Finally, it is active only under certain conditions that depend a lot on the birth card of each. Pluto is symbolically connected to the sign of Scorpio.

The planet of Jupiter

The planet of Jupiter

from David, the 20/07/2019

Jupiter is the first of the so-called "slow" planets. Jupiter takes a year to cross a sign and nuance so a whole generation born the same year. Jupiter is considered the most beneficial of all planets; its key word is "expansion". Even when Jupiter is badly dressed, its effect is never really harmful; at worst it exaggerates everything and induces excesses. Jupiter symbolizes evolution; it is related to the acquisition of knowledge and philosophy. It also represents the ability to teach, to educate, to grow. Well placed Jupiter brings luck. It is in relation to the sign of Sagittarius.

The planet Uranus

The planet Uranus

from David, the 30/06/2019

Uranus takes 84 years to go around the zodiac and so stays in each sign for 7 years. It is the planet that induces radical changes, upheavals sometimes painful but necessary for a global evolution. In a map of the sky, Uranus indicates the spirit of independence and the receptivity to collective currents. We need Uranus to differentiate ourselves from the masses and then to be able to integrate as an individual. Uranus induces in each induces an independence phase towards 21 years, a crisis or a happy change between 40 and 42 years, a new autonomy around 62 years and, for those who live long enough, a new beginning at 84 years!

Venus enters the sign of Virgo

Venus enters the sign of Virgo

from David, the 05/01/2018

Venus, the planet of feelings, enters into Virgo. It is falling, the opposite of the sign of Pisces where it is in exaltation. In the very ordered sign of Virgo, Venus tends to make us discrete on a personal level and to install a reassuring, partitioned universe. The sentimental expression can be contained by the mind that takes over and questions the merits of loving, trusting. To counterbalance this suspicious tendency, Venus brings satisfactions in relationships based on help, self-giving, helping the beloved one in difficulty. There is a practical purpose behind love, which leads to a better life. In their approach of seduction, the first decans of Sagittarius and Gemini feel that their emotions are not on an ideal ground to be heard while the Pisces imagine that the problem comes from the other. Taurus and Capricorn are bolder in the manifestation of their desires.

Mercury enters the sign of Libra

Mercury enters the sign of Libra

from David, the 04/01/2018

At the end of this month, Mercury leaves the practical Virgo to begin its race in the sign of Libra. It is therefore in a climate of social relations where conciliation and weighting in the exchanges will be in the foreground. This transit concerns the air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and the signs of fire: Leo and Sagittarius; in Aries, Mercury encourages the measure in head-to-head and travel but it can lead to something rewarding if you have the distance to recognize the diversity of points of view that are not necessarily yours. If the energy is used wisely, a strong tendency to establish contacts with a lot of flexibility and facilities will be relevant. If you have delicate things to say, be diplomatic to convey your truths with finesse and elegance. And if a feeling of injustice is working on you, you will take steps to reveal or burst the abscess, which produces some tension but you will come out grown and stronger.

Venus in Leo: Summer has not said its last word.

Venus in Leo: Summer has not said its last word.

from David, the 02/01/2018

Venus, the planet of feelings, enters into the sign of Leo and it could well trigger pleasant and festive meetings. Side emotions love, you will be served: your state of mind will be in an expansive vibration and probably a little possessive, in any case, demanding. You do everything to please and you consider romantic relationships from the angle of challenge and you do a little too much to attract the attention of the loved one, even if you show a generous and romantic spirit. You are very player, ostensibly dynamic, as if you were on the stage of a theater. Love makes noise when it is authentic and when sentimental transports are at the rendezvous. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius of the first decanate, you receive this pleasing influence as well as Gemini, Libra and, to a certain extent, Aquarius. Enjoy and consider that it's your bonus from the summer that radiates an entertaining atmosphere.

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