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Written by Alison

How to know your guardian angel? Discover it thanks to your date of birth! Each angel has very specific virtues: its protection gives you support and develops personal qualities very useful to evolve harmoniously. One more string to your bow: the knowledge of your guardian angel!

Your guardian angel: Lehahiah

If you were born between September 8th and 12th, your guardian angel is Lehahiah. The keyword of his energy is "righteousness". The natives are generally confident in themselves, they show a good spirit in business, they invest without counting in their job and they are respectful of the hierarchy. Their righteousness is much appreciated and earns them a good reputation that allows them to rise in rank and evolve for their merits and hard work. Lehahiah promotes climates of confidence and stability so that the native moves as slowly as surely in his path and his actions, as honest and clear as they are, reflect who he is, namely a craftsman of light in the heart of the world equipment. The person born under the protection of Lehahiah is assured never to miss work while receiving gratifications from his peers. Written by David

Your guardian angel: Yehuiah

If you were born between the 3rd and the 7th of September, your guardian angel is called Yehuiah. The keyword of his energy is "strength". People born under his protection are usually in control of themselves, independent and subtle enough to detect tricks on the part of others. These protected invest a lot in the work and do not hesitate to perform the most difficult tasks. In return, they also know how to be respected by putting a lot of energy in their activity, which leads them to climb the ladder of the social hierarchy. Yehuiah is always at the side of the natives when the pitfalls dot their way and this angel communicates force as much moral as physical to their being. Yehuiah invites to calm the mind to find oneself in the silence of appeasement. The stroke of blues can be ways to grow in consciousness and find the way to the divine nature. Written by David

Your guardian angel: Lecabel

If you were born between August 23rd and 28th, your guardian angel is called Lecabel. The keyword of his energy is "Abundance". Lecabel invites the natives of this period to look around them to see there abundance. All is abundance and it is enough to notice the beautiful things so that they belong to you because you will have integrated them in the bosom of your mind. Lecabel's protected are usually gifted artists or astronomers, mathematicians who know how to merge logic and intuition into their brains. The original ideas fuse in those people who know how to be discerning. Their reasoning is appreciated and even solicited. The more they work their beneficent and luminous ideas, the more they become lighter and become great spiritual beings. Their fine intellect can succeed in revealing the mysteries of the cosmos and renewing the eyes of humans on existence. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David

Your guardian angel: Yeratel

If you were born between August 2nd and 6th, your guardian angel is called Yeratel. The keyword of his energy is "generosity". It gives you all the solutions to move forward with confidence and stay confident about the present and the future. People born under his protection are generally tolerant, dedicated, optimistic, cheerful and generous. And if you are generous, it is a good image of who you are because you have built a personality willing to largesse in a bright enthusiasm. If it seems right to give you, existence will send you beautiful people to meet. And if these are not reliable in nature, your guardian angel protects you from spiritual or psychological aggression while always making you stronger. People born under the protection of Yeratel tend to move towards professions based on human sciences, psychology, philosophy, sociology. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David

Your guardian angel: Nith-Haiah

If you were born between July 22nd and 26th, your guardian angel is Nith-Haiah. The keyword of his energy is "goodness". You may feel some aggression on the part of the outside world, materializing in the form of people who solicit you from time to time for you to help them; they must be answered by imposing your own limits while showing kindness and openness to them. Finding a balance between the person you are and that you respect and this ability to smile at the hassle of everyday life is your challenge. Your guardian angel invites you to nurture your patience through your indulgence. Do not respond to provocations with anger because you would only feed a consuming energy; on the contrary, ignore negative energies so that they go out on their own. Nith-Haiah opens you to wisdom and to the knowledge of esoteric mysteries. He intervenes in your dreams by communicating images and sensations premonitory. Written by David

Your guardian angel: Haaiah

If you were born between July 27th and August 1st, your guardian angel is Haaiah. The keyword of his energy is "love". Haaiah stands by you so that you can love yourself unconditionally, with your qualities and your faults; there is no guilt, wrap yourself with generous and warm feelings that you can distribute to those around you, when calls from others in difficulty will arise. Haaiah is the protector of Justice and helps in this area to bring out the truth and win a case if you make the request in your heart. People born under the aegis of Haaiah can realize their professional ambitions in the field of Justice and acquire a great knowledge and a good reputation in this field. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David

Your guardian angel: Haheuiah

If you were born between July 17th and 21st, your guardian angel is called Haheuiah. The keyword is "success". This angel is constantly at your side, listening to your prayers and your desires, your worries and your thoughts; his vision is to push you forward and conquer who you are because he knows that success matters to you and that if you succeed, you will be able to materially help others and thus to progress spiritually. If you are centered and not too disturbed by your emotions, success will bring you a deep and sparkling joy that will brighten your surroundings. The goal is to welcome each event with a smile, removing any anxiety that might worry you about your journey on earth. Be confident that you are accompanied and guided to achieve all the goals that are important to you. Written by David

Your guardian angel: Melahel

If you were born between July 12th and 16th, your guardian angel is called Melahel. His key word is "path". In you lies a soul that tends towards joy, freedom, the desire to laugh and being happy. Nevertheless, you sometimes have the feeling of being slowed down on your path by obstacles. You are invited to appeal to your inner child who tends to spot the limits and restrictions to overcome them all the time. Your guardian angel breathes as much as you can this confidence nestled in you and just waiting to be reactivated. Cut your ties with the past and forgive those who hit you. Take up the challenges you have set yourself, never underestimate your talents. And your guardian angel will help you always find a balance between being rooted and being inspired by the stars. Written by David

Your guardian angel: Yeiayel

If you were born between July 7th and 11th, your guardian angel is Yeiayel. His keyword is "change". If you have doubts, it is up to you to erase them as you would a chalk on the board. Only you can do it, and that being done, everything will become clearer in the resolutions or decisions that will be made naturally. Your guardian angel, Yeiayel stands by your side to inspire you with confidence and determination. This energy is already in you, curled up, and waiting for you to wake up. Your metamorphosis will become more important as you cultivate it and, like a tree spreading its branches provided with very beautiful fruits, you will offer to those you love your most beautiful juicy productions whose name will be harmony, joy, friendship, peace, fidelity. If you want to know more, come calculate your guardian angel . Written by David

Your protecting angel: Nelchael

If you were born between July 2nd and 6th, your guardian angel is Nelchael. The keyword of this protecting angel is "synchronicity". Sometimes you may receive unexpected gifts or opportunities in your path, which you will call "luck". It is important to open your eyes to notice all these beautiful opportunities and therefore to pick this chance while having gratitude: thanks! If the mind is too active, it is necessary to calm the tension in order to open up to the magic of the moment. Cultivating this feeling gives you the opportunity to increase your lucky potential and abundance. Trusting in your deepest self is the greatest gift you can make to evolve over your destiny. Feeling the world around you will make you more aware of whom you are and your guardian angel will rejoice. Written by David


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