The sun in the astrological signs!

Written by Susan

The race of the Sun is the most familiar to us: most people do not know where the Moon or Jupiter is today, but many people know that we are in this or that sign, that Halloween corresponds to Scorpio or Christmas and New Year's Eve falls on the anniversary of Capricorn.

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Indeed, the Sun, the first symbol of the astrological bases, determines our birth sign but also influences more generally the overall atmosphere during its wandering from sign to sign. It distributes energy in the same way as the sign it crosses and, for example, induces the climate of renewal and motivation that characterizes the Aries equinox in March or a more internalized atmosphere in December, under the influence of Capricorn. It is, therefore, very instructive in understanding the subtle changes of atmosphere over the months and helps us be as available and relevant as possible in the situations we encounter throughout the year.

Note: In the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed, and Aries are, for example, the fall equinox. However, this does not change the symbolism of these transits.

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