Sun in Aries!

Written by Susan

Spring is finally here for real with the sun's arrival in Aries! And with it, the promise of extra energy, a strong taste for newness, for change, and probably a little rebellion against the establishment, as well, along with a universal desire for freedom in our actions, our speech, our opinions. For many, this could be a golden opportunity for changing gears and announcing loud and clear what they want.
Each sign will experience this transit differently, so, as usual, we will try to figure out what each of us can learn from this aspect.

Note:For our readers in the southern hemisphere, the sun entering Aries corresponds to the autumnal equinox, but that doesn't change what the sun entering any sign means.


It's your birthday, and the stars are inviting you to express yourself openly and freely. You fervency and ardor, however, can push you too far, lead you to do too much. Watch out for your enthusiasm: it can be blind sometimes, so be careful not to alienate others with your lack of tact. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! If you can avoid this pitfall, then you'll be able to do away with what's holding you back, what is uselessly frustrating you, and preventing you from growing as you wish. This period will boost columnists', journalists' and other writer's talents. Your keyboard will be cutting and particularly pertinent.


The sun entering the sector that rules intimacy means that your mind will be set ablaze, helping you to change what needs to be changed - and we all know how hard it is for you to change. This transit is a good chance for you to start over in the parts of your life you care about most. You will find just the right words to convince whoever you're talking to. If you don't watch out, however, you may end up hurting someone with your biting, sweeping remarks. So stay on the lookout to avoid any outburst that could cause lasting animosity.


The world around you will be shaken up, but you won't complain! It is among your friends that changes are most likely to take place. It's a good bet you won't know which way to turn, what with passionate exchanges on points of view, out-of-the-ordinary meetings, and unexpected help. Take it easy on yourself physically, though, as you're not exactly the heartiest sign in the zodiac. By striking a balance between movement and prudence, between activity and rest, that you will be able to make the very most out of this lucky and constructive period.


You are already naturally nervous and sensitive, and this could only get worse once the sun enters Aries. Your interactions with others will take a more electric turn, making it difficult for you to shield your sensitive self from the verbal aggression or egotistical behavior all around you, especially in your professional life. It would be wise for you to take things with a grain of salt and reach out to your close friends and family for your best bet of interacting with others peacefully despite it all. Focus, too, on your work in the strictest sense, without looking for a fight.


With the arrival of the sun in Aries, a friendly sign, the mood of your exchanges with others will improve even more. Your relations with your friends and family, but also with the higher ups, will be rich and fulfilling. Your ideals are growing and expanding nicely, and you'll manage to show off your speaking and organizing talents without a hitch. Expect surprise or unexpected positive changes to occur, but also the chance to move, to travel.


Your relationships are evolving little by little, and it is quite possible that you will be thrown off balance at times by all the unexpected changes occurring around you. This strange ambiance will push you to come up with new ideas, try out new, innovative methods at work, or simply encourage you, via various trips or travelling, to hang out with different types of people. This could very well be a wonderful transit for you if you can manage to leave behind your infamous shyness and take part in this great spring cleaning in your habits, relationships, ways of thinking.


The stars are becoming more and more frantic, and so, whether you like it or not, you'll have to go along with them if you want to take advantage of these trends, tiring though they may be. It is in your relationships with others, in contracts, marriages, that this sign, in your opposite sign, could bring about the greatest change. It won't always be easy for a sign as attached to peace and quiet and harmony as you are to shake up their habits and take risks. The key thing to remember is this: risk is inherent in any change, and the time has come to take initiative if you wish to take advantage fo this highly risky time.


Your daily life will abound in newness, for better or worse. It would be in your best interest to take part in this innovative ambiance, to change up your habits if need be, and create a more dynamic, gratifying routine. Your legendary instinct will help you separate the good ideas from the bad. Any trips you might go on are likely to lead to new ideas and relationships that will turn out to be invaluable in your day-to-day life. Now, then, is the time to rid yourself of preconceived ideas and grow in harmony and peace.


Your stars will glow with diverse and different changes in your relationships and interactions with others, but also in your pleasures. Travel is on the agenda, and so you will have numerous occasions to go on a trip, even if only intellectually-speaking, that will bring you wisdom or push you to go back to school or enter a competition. Whatever the case may be, you will have numerous occasions to bring out your best qualities: your energy, good humor, and leadership skills, all of which are in demand and have been for weeks. This is your golden opportunity to stand out, feed your creativity with new ideas and methods.


After March 20th, you are liable to feel attacked by the mounting turmoil around you. There's no point in fighting against this powerful movement that will change things up, whether you like it or not. So, you might as well jump in and choose on your own to change what you want to change. It is at home that these changes will be the most obvious. You could end up watching everything you took for granted fall to pieces. And so, you will have to be flexible and adapt to these new circumstances in your family life and fight back the stress caused by these ongoing upheavals. This would be a good chance to learn to take things in stride and to have some flexibility.


The sun entering a dynamic and anarchistic sign such as this will incite you to assert yourself more freely, to speak up among friends, and to make a move towards expanding your realm of possibilities. This is an excellent and very constructive ambiance, filled with great ideas, new passionate friends, and chances to evolve, to progress. You will be aided by these circumstances: this transit is full of luck, of opportunity, which there for the taking. If you stay attentive and open, you can profit and benefit from this time, enjoy life more, and spend more time with friends.


The is leaving your sign sector to meet up with Aries, your neighboring sign that is totally different from you. This aspect won't work against you if you can manage to get your feet back on the ground and be a part of the changes, the movements that are occurring even now. You could be in for a few surprises, especially when it comes to your finances. It comes down to you to make the best out of this aspect, with its lucky breaks and overspending, by remaining vigilant and controlling your urges. Everything having to do with travel, both trips big and small, is beneficial to you. By taking initiative, boldly even, you will have a better chance of making the most out of this extremely dynamic transit.

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